Heather Dubrow Calls Out Gretchen Rossi For Being Unapologetic Regarding Showing Up Late To Her Set!


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Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow had an amazing opportunity and shared it with us this past week when she guest starred in a popular show called, Hot in Cleveland. Heather talks about the experience and calls out Gretchen Rossi for being unapologetic regarding showing up late to set and supporting her. See what Heather says below

“OK, on to the show. . .It’s funny to watch Terry and me getting the kids ready in the morning. The way you saw them wake up pretty much sums up their personalities! Nicky is up and ready before everyone (rule follower) , Max will stay in bed until you drag her out (very relaxed) , Katarina is a smiley teddy bear (Mommy’s girl) and Collette just rolls with it!

I was SO happy that Terry manipulated his surgery schedule so he could help me in the morning with our brood. This is exactly the kind of support I was looking for and it made my week on Hot in Cleveland so much less stressful!

I had a mix of emotions when I arrived at the table read. I was a little nervous, anxious, and also very excited to be back in the world of scripted TV.

Once the table read got under way I was very relaxed and had a fantastic time. The whole week was a dream. Working with the incredibly talented cast of Hot in Cleveland was amazing and they were all so warm and welcoming.

Show night! I was really looking forward to having some of my special friends come and support me on this night! A few of them had never been to a studio taping before, and none of them had ever seen me “live” and in action.

I realize that everyone has busy lives and some have young children, so it’s extra special to see how excited everyone was to attend!

As you could see, Gretchen and Slade were very late. I didn’t notice until about an hour after the show started. I was pretty sad to hear they were completely unapologetic and there was no excuse why they were late either to Terry when they arrived or to myself later. All the girls (as well as Terry) told me later that Gretchen and Slade were up from their seats several times during the evening and missed a number of my scenes.

I just found it so disappointing especially when I found out later that the calls were about a gift Gretchen was helping me with for Tamra. There was no emergency about it that needed to be taken care of at 7 pm on a Friday night.

I have always been a supporter of Gretchen and Slade’s and their many career paths. Last year, I left my children for three days to see Gretchen perform in Las Vegas. I was happy to be there and I can promise you my phone was shut in my purse. I deserved the same support and friendship.

I decided this was not the time to discuss this issue with Gretchen. I was on a high after the taping of the show ended and didn’t want to spend my evening being annoyed.

Celebratory Dinner! Seriously so much fun! Everyone was in a great mood and laughed a lot! Especially after Tamra’s gift of disguises and Lydia’s fun party poppers!

Terry’s toast was so sweet and meant so much to me. He really came through with everything he promised and allowed me to have my moment. It’s all I asked for, and he delivered big time. Hitting the “pause” button on our recent issues was definitely the right idea. We had a great evening and enjoyed each other and our friends immensely!”

I could understand why Heather was upset and she does make a point about how she left Vegas to support Gretchen. Do you think Gretchen could have handled the situation differently. Who’s side are you on?

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