RHOC Recap: Alexis Is Still Blacklisted, While Vicki & Tamra Continue To Struggle



This week the Real Housewives of Orange County are headed to wine country! Or should I say “whine,” because of course that’s what this trip became. It was one of those trips where the girls all are forced to hang out together away from their natural habitat with lots of alcohol until one calls the other a slut pig.

For RHOC, that wasn’t the case. I’m not surprised, given how uneventful this season is besides the dinner party from hell where Tamra kicked Alexis out! Next week we will see Lauri Peterson return to stir the pot and gun for Vicki, which reeks of producer desperation for some excitement. Back to this week…

Heather and Terry are in their bathroom while he clips his toe nails. I love Terry, but like, ew. Heather tries to convey how irritating Terry’s jokes at her expense are, especially when he gets the kids involved. Terry just clips away uninterested in Heather’s under-appreciated emotions, and then takes a dig at her which just pushes her over the edge!

Wines by Wives, the wine club that Tamra and Vicki started together, is growing and the gang is headed to Malibu’s wine country for a getaway and tasting of potential wines for the club. Gretchen and Slade ride with Tamra and Eddie. Lydia and Doug ride with Heather and Terry who pick up a solo Vicki on the way. Alexis and Jim? Not invited!

At the first tasting, Vicki makes some awkward comments to the people leading the wine tasting which may or may not have been offensive. Tamra is irritated by Vicki’s care-free and not very business-like demeanor on the trip so far.

Alexis is headed to the grand opening of Jim’s trampoline park in San Diego. She mingles and seems uninterested in wine tasting, revealing that she would not have gone even if invited. She gushes about her entrepreneurial husband and they cut the ribbon to their trampoline park.

Over in Malibu, the group has dinner where Lydia tries telling Gretchen that Alexis misses her, but Gretchen has a hard time believing this. Tamra cuts the discussion off to prevent drama (maybe?) and asks about Heather’s upcoming acting gig.

Conversation turns to Vicki’s Vodka which is another one of Vicki’s new businesses, which makes Tamra worried because Vicki now has one more thing to distract her from focusing any of her time on the wine club. It also seems like a conflict of interest. Something’s brewing between these two frenemies…

The group heads to breakfast the next morning minus Eddie and Slade who are out biking. Tamra feels that Eddie rides his bike more than he rides her. Oh? Heather chimes in and talks about marriage requiring compromise. This becomes the perfect segue for them to plug their storyline for the season.

Terry and Heather reveal to the group that they’ve been fighting because of Terry’s jokes at Heather’s expense. Terry explains that their argument got heated and he threw out the “d-word”: DIVORCE! Heather becomes upset that Terry exposed this and then Vicki explains that she did the same with Donn, and ultimately it did lead to actual divorce.

The best part of this scene is Doug McLaughlin’s face because a) he’s ridiculously handsome and b) you can just tell he’s thinking “What the hell did Lydia sign us up for?! Why am I hanging out with these freak shows?”

The women continue on to the Cielo Vineyard where Vicki continues to test every nerve (the ones that have not been stabbed with botox) in Tamra’s body. Vicki just seems disinterested and announces that she is leaving early because she had dinner plans. Tamra is pissed that Vicki’s disengaged. Vicki basically says she doesn’t give a sh*t and then bounces. Tamra calls her a “bitch!” and Vicki is appalled.

Vicki reveals that Tamra is classless for calling her a bitch because it’s totally unprofessional for business partners. Well, since when is Tamra one to not use profanity? Tamra goes back in and continues to chug wine while Vicki storms off to fulfill her prior dinner plans!

Back at home in Orange County, Tamra and Eddie to go dinner where they recap the Malibu trip over sake. Tamra reveals to Eddie that she has issues communicating her emotions and the easiest thing for her to do is scream and shout! Eddie recommends that she not keep things bottled up otherwise it won’t be good for their relationship.

When we spoke to Tamra earlier this year she revealed that we would be able to take a peek into her childhood and see why she is the way she is today. It looks like this is the start of that Tamra childhood retrospective!

Let’s discuss the episode! It is just me, or does the Heather and Terry storyline seem more exaggerated and blown up than it actually is? Do you think Vicki was wrong in her behavior during the wine getaway, or was Tamra just being petty with her?

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