Kandi Burruss Explains Why She Would Not Want Kim Zolciak Back On RHOA!



Kandi Burruss, star of Real Housewives of Atlanta and her own spin off show, The Kandi Factory, is in a legal feud with former co-star, friend, and client Kim Zolciak over their ill-fated collaboration on the pop single ‘Don’t Be Tardy For The Party.’

Kim has recently hinted that she would return to RHOA if asked, and with the rekindling of her relationship with NeNe Leakes, production would be stupid not to try to get Kim to appear on the hit series once again!

Ms. Drama over at AllHipHop recently sat down with Kandi to talk about The Kandi Factory and RHOA. Of course, Kandi was asked if she would like to see Kim come back to RHOA, to which she sternly replied, “No.”

Kandi ellaborated, “I don’t think she should come back and the reason why is because she wasn’t trying to participate in anything anymore. We were very serious in what we were saying about her coming places and always trying to stay 30 minutes to an hour and leaving, and always having an excuse about ‘Oh, my babysitter couldn’t come today’ or this, this, and that.”

Seeing as how all the women (minus Kenya) have children, Kandi saw Kim getting out of things as unfair. She adds, “We all have kids and we all participate in our kids’ lives regardless of what was said. If we have something to do, or a place that we have to be at, we know to tell our babysitter we have to be there longer than an hour. And if your babysitter can’t do the job then get another babysitter. Every single time, it was an excuse.”

Once Kim left the show, there was a sudden change in the vibe. While the newer ladies led most of the feuding, the older Housewives remained a little less combative. Kandi admits that Kim leaving was a bit alarming, but reveals that the ratings increase after she left is indicative of what viewers want in RHOA.

“When they first said that they were gonna let her [Kim] go, I was sitting there like ‘Uh oh. What is that going to do to the show? Are people going to be upset? Is it going to be a problem?’ But our ratings actually went up, and so from that, to me it just felt like people just enjoyed the show and enjoyed seeing us engage with each other. So if you’re not going to engage, then you don’t need to be a part of it,” explains Kandi.

It’s no surprise that Kandi would want Kim away from the show, but I actually disagree and think Kim coming back would be good for the franchise, now. Given that Kim and NeNe were such a draw with viewers in past season, they may want to see where things head now for the duo!

Do you agree or disagree with Kandi’s opinion about the potential return of Kim Zolciak?

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