RHOC Recap: Brooks Returns & Vicki Is Stuck; Heather Gets Back Into Acting & Is Irritated With Terry!


On this week’s Real Housewives of Orange County, we saw the group in the after math of the explosive dinner party at Tamra’s fitness studio. As you recall, Alexis came to the party with Vicki and Lydia, and things didn’t go so well. They quickly came to a screaming match and Tamra escorted (yanked and dragged?) Alexis out of the event!

It was Lydia’s first time meeting the other Housewives, but Heather and Tamra wanted to get to know her one on one. Heather said Lydia deserves to be judged on her own merit and not just by the company she keeps – the enemy, Alexis.

The three are at lunch and get to know each other over a bottle of “champs” and some low-carb food. The women discuss random things and it’s so funny seeing how different Heather and Tamra are compared to bubbly and happy-go-lucky Lydia. In the end, it seems like Lydia, although she is Alexis’s friend, might be playing both sides, or is she just that one honest friend?

Alexis and Jim are preparing to go to sleep and they discuss why Alexis went to that dinner party. Alexis says she regrets going, and Jim tells her that it’s time for her to stand up for herself. They link God to what they are going through, which is what they always do, and then they go to sleep. Jim scares me.

Over at Vicki’s house, she is still struggling in the battle between love and her family. While installing a car seat, Ryan (Vicki’s son-in-law) gets pulled aside by Vicki who shares that she would like to have Brooks over. You know this won’t end well with her daughter’s feisty Southern military husband.

Ryan basically tells her “no,” and that as long as he and Briana are living in Vicki’s house paying rent, they will not allow Brooks to come around their family and their newborn. Vicki says they have to respect her private love life and Ryan straight up tells her that he does not have to respect that because it’s Brooks we’re dealing with!

Last week, Ryan told Vicki’s brother that Brooks is “perverse” after checking out a prostitute in Mexico and considering if the hooker would be worth it. That did not sit well with Ryan at all, and only added to his distaste for Brooks. Poor Vicki.

Lydia introduces us to her mom Judy who is just the quirkiest woman! Judy is your typical eccentric hippie and Lydia tells us that she was stoned on acid and weed all throughout her childhood. Lydia seems fairly normal compared to her relatives. Her grandfather with the gold injections? Really?

As for Gretchen, she is still supporting her boyfriend (at the time! Now her fiance…) Slade while he goes through a very rough time. His son Greyson is still in ICU after his health problems and so Slade is traveling back and fourth.

It really doesn’t sit well with me that Gretchen always cries about it, but it’s always about her. There’s this child who is very sick, and Gretchen is crying because she wants her own kids with Slade but the timing is not right at the moment. Oh? It’s just very tacky.

Heather and Tamra go shopping when Heather learns that she got the part in the sitcom ‘Hot In Cleveland’! She calls Terry to inform him and he seems quite happy, that is until they head to dinner later on at the end of the episode.

While at dinner with their kids (and their homework), Heather gets into the details of how this acting gig is going to work. It’s her first time getting back into her career since going on hiatus to raise their family. Heather asks Terry if he will take the kids to school and he, being one not for “mommy duties”, snarks back with some joke that just pisses the hell out of Heather.

Terry also insults Heather’s ability to be the “smart parent” which just adds to the tension. Heather would like Terry to be less joking and more serious, so she goes off on him and would like him to not reply with some smart ass comments and just handle the situation. Once again we are seeing Adrienne and Paul vibes and I hope they aren’t on the same path. Heather says they are not, but still!

Tamra is working on opening up the Wines by Wives office and she is irritated that Vicki isn’t really doing a fair share of work, given that they both own the business. Tamra plans a trip to a winery with the other girls but her friendship with Vicki is clearly getting worse before it’s going to get better…

In Vicki’s defense, she’s clearly going through some confusion. Vicki decided to meet with Brooks for the first time in a while and it’s on camera for us to see! They head out to dinner on a date night and it’s just not as charming and romantic as Vicki would want. Brooks admits that he is dating other women.

Vicki ends up crying and it’s because she is being pulled by Briana and Ryan in one direction, and her love (yes, she’s in LOVE) for Brooks in the other direction. Brooks says that if anyone lived in his house, they wouldn’t tell him what to do and would have to follow his rules.

Vicki continues crying and is unsure of where to go next. She is ashamed that she’s crying and she has a tiny little breakdown where she reveals that she just needs a “boy”. Poor love tank needs to be filled so badly, but will Brooks be allowed to do the deed?!

Let’s discuss the episode! Should Brooks and Vicki continue dating? Are Briana and Ryan allowed to control Vicki’s love life in the way they are doing so currently? Is Terry just being funny, or is Heather overreacting to his jokes?

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