Tamra Barney: Apologies for Racial Slur Incident

Last week before episode five of Real Housewives of Orange County aired, Tamra Barney warned viewers that she may offend them when they watched the show later that evening! What Tamra was talking about was an interview shot of her saying Eddie’s “inner beaner” came out when they were having dinner at a Mexican restaurant and Eddie properly pronounced the menu items in Spanish (which I thought was really cute, by the way). Bravo has since bleeped Tamra saying “beaner” in future airings, but Tamra is revealing that she is pissed that production aired that footage! She insists that it’s a joke between Eddie and her, that it was not meant to be aired, and she also apologizes to anyone who may have been offended. Tamra wrote on her Facebook page:
So I hear Bravo is now bleeping my comment “Inner-beaner” I begged the producers not to air it . It is a running joke between me and Eddie and was said messing around while filming and NOT to be aired. I apologize to anyone that I offended. I love Eddie so much and yes he is Hispanic and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But now i am pissed that I was TOLD how funny it was buy production and they MUST air It! When I knew it wasn’t right and would be offensive to some. Yes it’s a joke between Me and my latin love and that will never change . Not meant for anyone else.
Tamra should have known that anything said while the camera is on is fair game! I don’t think she is racist since she’s clearly marrying a Mexican, and living in SoCal you really have to be cool with the “beaners” because we are everywhere! While I was not offended by Tamra’s comment, I do think it’s best not to say things like that on TV when millions are watching you because so many people are sensitive. Do you think Tamra was offensive?

 Tamra made a comment referring to her husband Eddie’s “inner beaner” during a dinner scene at a Mexican restaurant. This comment caused controversy and offended some viewers.

Yes, Bravo bleeped out Tamra saying “beaner” in future airings of the episode. However, Tamra expressed her frustration that the footage was aired in the first place, as she claims it was meant as a private joke between her and Eddie.

Yes, Tamra apologized on her Facebook page to anyone who may have been offended by her comment. She clarified that the comment was not meant to be aired and was intended as a joke between her and Eddie. Tamra also expressed her love for Eddie and her appreciation for his Hispanic heritage

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