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Fashion Queens Star Miss Lawrence Exposes Kandi, Says She Doesn’t Take Rejection Well & Didn’t Pay Him!

Kandi should really put an end to working musically with cast mates from Real Housewives of Atlanta! After claims that Kim did not pay “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party” fees, now Miss Lawrence, star of Fashion Queens, is opening up about how Kandi has yet to pay him for their song “Closet Freak”, which Miss Lawrence co-wrote.

Miss Lawrence also reveals that their relationship souring was due in part to him rejecting a management deal proposal from Kandi’s entertainment company, Kandi Koated Entertainment. The deal on the table was not good enough for Miss Lawrence and he claims Kandi did not take rejection well!

He opens up to The Jasmine Brand, explaining the situation:

I think Kandi developed ill feelings because I declined her offer to be signed to Kandi Koated Entertainment and I declined because it wasn’t really a fair contract. It was just more beneficial for Kandi than it was me. There was this thing called a three sixty deal. The three sixty deal is where the label gets a percentage of every single thing that artist does, which is fine, those are relevant, but what are you gonna give as the label? If you’re not giving anything then why am I gonna give you a percentage of everything that I do so with three sixty deals the artist is usually given a really big signing bonus. The artist is completely developed by the label. It wasn’t much developing that I needed. Miss Lawrence was already Miss Lawrence before I even met Kandi.

Miss Lawrence explains why the deal was not fair, and then says Kandi did not handle his reaction maturely:

I don’t think that that’s fair so we disagreed and that’s all it boils down to, but then after that one thing I think it really boils down to is Kandi doesn’t take rejection well and once I decided not to go through with the contract I explained it to her. I said I don’t think that it’s fair and I’m gonna decline the offer. I co-wrote “Closet Freak” as well, so why am I gonna give you a percentage of everything? It’s not making any sense.

Their collaboration, “Closet Freak” was then taken down and he did not receive any money from the song! However, Miss Lawrence does not hold any ill feelings about the money because she still does well for himself. He concludes:

I live in a fabulous penthouse. I drive a nice car and I refuse to become a starving artist because a label wants a huge percentage of all of my money. That is not gonna happen; so then I walked away from it and then later on a year or two later I find out that “Closet Freak” has been taken down and mind you I haven’t gotten a dime from “Closet Freak,” which I am entitled to a percent of the publishing. I haven’t gotten a dime from it. I’m also entitled to a certain percentage as the artist who recorded the song. I haven’t gotten a dime from that either, but I let it go. I’m like okay well whatever, I’m gonna let her have that because I didn’t miss a beat anyway. I’m fine. I’m gonna still eat my caviar honey and feel nothing. It’s no tea. I don’t eat caviar for real, but you understand what I’m saying.

Kandi has stated that Closet Freak did not sell many copies and that he didn’t get paid because any revenue obtained was used to cover the producer’s fees and studio time fees.

Do you agree with Miss Lawrence regarding Kandi? Are his feelings for not liking Kandi valid? Check out the rest of Jasmine Brand‘s interview with Miss Lawrence on her site! They talk Andy Cohen, Fashion Queens, etc.

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