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There have been rumors surrounding Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes’s second wedding to Gregg Leakes and whether or not there will be a prenup. A report by the National Enquirer earlier this month claimed that NeNe was demanding a prenuptial agreement that Gregg was not willing to sign, but NeNe now reveals that there will be a prenup and explains why. The very rich bitch herself explains in a new video interview, “I’m definitely going to have a prenup. I think any business person that is smart would have a prenup. That is why I don’t even understand why people are talking about me having a prenup. I don’t really understand it. A lot of people have prenups. I don’t know why my situation is any different than anybody else’s.” It’s only smart that couples with high incomes sign a prenup. Divorce can happen at any time, for various reasons, no matter how in love you are with someone and it’s just a precaution, especially when you have children that depend on you financially!

Is NeNe Leakes making a smart move by signing a prenup with Gregg Leakes?

 Yes, NeNe Leakes has confirmed that she will have a prenuptial agreement for her second wedding to Gregg Leakes.

NeNe Leakes believes that having a prenuptial agreement is important for any business person, as it is a smart decision. She emphasizes that many people have prenups and it is a precautionary measure to protect one’s financial interests, especially when there are children involved.

No, signing a prenuptial agreement does not take away from NeNe Leakes’ love for Gregg Leakes. It is a practical decision that many couples with high incomes make to safeguard their financial stability in the event of a divorce. Love and the decision to have a prenup are separate matters.

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