RHOC Recap: Alexis Reunites With The Housewives And We Are Suddenly Back In High School


Dinner parties from hell are obviously the thing to do in Housewives, and Real Housewives of Orange County jumped on the bandwagon this week. If this is what it takes to spice up the season, however, then so be it! And that’s just what the dinner did. Before the party, though, we start off the new episode with a clear editing snafu.

Alexis arrives at Vicki’s and they each comment on their new looks – Alexis’s new hair cut and Vicki’s new face. Umm, last week Alexis came over to meet baby Troy so why today are they seeing each other for the first time? Your plot hole is showing, Bravo, and it ain’t cute!

Vicki invites Alexis to the dinner at Tamra’s new fitness studio space as her date. Alexis is hesitant, but Vicki convinces her to go. Alexis will also invite Lydia. How convenient!

We catch up with Heather, who is doing a radio gig for KFI where she will be discussing parenting topics. This week she is discussing bullying on air. How appropriate! Heather says that Alexis has been accusing her, Tamra, and Gretchen of bullying, but she denies this.

Heather tells a story of how she was bullied in high school. She says what Alexis experienced was NOT bullying. Do you agree?

Over at Lydia’s house, Alexis arrives with her kids for a play date. Right away, Lydia tells Alexis that she met Heather and that she said Alexis has a fake diamond ring. Alexis does not take too kindly to Heather’s comments.

Alexis gives Lydia her side of the story with Heather, and then invites her to Tamra’s dinner party at the fitness studio. Lydia quickly accepts the invite. I usually hate when people complain about the obvious acting on these shows, but I just can’t with the obvious acting, you guys!

At night, the Dubrow’s meet the McLaughlin’s for dinner to discuss the possibility of being on Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine, the magazine they own and operate. Doug says they can not be on the cover because they aren’t a “household name”, which is honest, but kind of rude. I think I would be a tiny bit offended, even if it were true. Heather and Terry deny the offer to be featured without the cover spot.

The couples continue to chat and it turns out Lydia’s mom, Terry’s patient, now lives in Alexis’s old house. She reveals she will hang out with Alexis at Tamra’s dinner party. Heather is a bit taken aback to learn that Alexis is coming, but assures Lydia that she will be fine and will not be judged based on who she comes with, who just happens to be the enemy!

Gretchen is with Slade, who is flying off to NYC for his son’s major surgery. Gretchen complains about being away from Slade because she is used to being with him daily. Really? Way to make his son’s health about you. She then cries about Slade never opening up to her. But aren’t they wanting to get married? I don’t get their logic.

It’s the day of the anticipated dinner party and Tamra is at home with Eddie trying to coordinate her outfit. She is snapping at him and it’s because she’s pissed off at herself for allowing Alexis to come. She then reveals she’s mad at Vicki for putting her in this situation, and she is going to go poop to relieve her anger. Eddie then tells her to flush, and now I’m a little grossed out.

Gretchen comes to Heather’s house and they chat over a glass of “champs” before heading out to the party. They wonder why Alexis would even come to Tamra’s party after threatening to sue her while not reaching out to talk their issues out in over nine months. They arrive at CUT fitness studio which is all dressed up and looks gorgeous for an empty space that is under construction!

Lydia arrives at Alexis’s new house and they will be riding together. They stop by Vicki’s and she meets Lydia for the first time.

A psychic medium is at CUT to get rid of negative energy and bless, I guess, the new business. She anticipates a smooth ride this evening, and Tamra, girl, you need to ask for your money back. The psychic clearly does not know what type of show is being filmed.

Tamra has a pow-wow with her BFF’s about Alexis. She is nauseous about seeing Alexis. Heather thinks Alexis might be trying to make peace while Gretchen thinks that’s impossible. Alexis, Lydia, and Vicki arrive and right away I get chills because you just know some sh*t’s about to pop off! It’s the most uncomfortable thing and I am not even involved in this.

Alexis is very polite and greets everyone, but is not fake, nor phony about seeing the girls. Tamra is also very cordial, giving Lydia and Alexis a tour of what the studio will end up looking like when it’s finished. Even after a glimpse of hope, though, it’s still very awkward and the tension is quite clear.

There is a clear separation and I feel like I’m watching Mean Girls, but with middle aged women. This comparison is even more clear when Gretchen is a complete bitch towards Lydia for no reason. All I can think of is the future reunion and the seating arrangements: Tamra and the Mean Girls on one couch and Vicki with the unpopular girls one the other.

Tamra discusses her new business and Vicki just says that it’s across the street from her insurance offices. Gretchen makes a dig that Vicki is making this about herself. How? Vicki then refers to her grandson Troy as “my baby” and Gretchen also bitches about that.

Vicki calls her a stupid person and I have to agree. Why nitpick that? We all know what Vicki meant by referring to her grandson as “my baby” and for Gretchen to jump on that to bash Vicki is quite stupid.

Dinner is served and Tamra tries to make a little introductory speech. Vicki interjects and thanks Tamra for allowing Alexis to come. Tamra loses her filter (it took her long enough!) and tells Alexis that she’s surprised she would show up!

Alexis responds that Tamra didn’t have to allow her. Things quickly heat up and Gretchen jumps in telling Alexis to leave! So basically it’s stay and get harassed, or get the hell out. What is wrong with Gretchen this episode?

The bullying is starting again according to Alexis, and Heather says not to point fingers at her! Alexis denies even looking at Heather, and I believe Alexis is right here. Alexis wasn’t even addressing Heather.

Alexis asks them to “stop with the bullying” and Heather and Tamra cackle and clink their wine glasses, which is just beyond catty. Heather and Alexis go at it and all of a sudden the three “mean girls” are digging at Alexis. I have to say, Alexis held her own very well while remaining a decent human being.

Tamra calmly tells Alexis that she was gracious to allow her in. Alexis says she just wanted to come with Vicki since they are all on rocky ground. Tamra is irritated that Alexis is victimizing. Gretchen brings up Alexis ganging up on Vicki in San Francisco, and Alexis defends her stance back then!

Side note: Why in the hell is Gretchen using Alexis and Vicki’s feuding past against her? Couldn’t this also be thrown back at her in regard to her new “friendship” with Tamra? Those two hated each other. Let me just remind myself that this is Housewives and hypocrisy is to be expected.

The touchy Costa Rica intervention comes up and then Heather says that Alexis does not own up to anything she does. Tamra defends Heather, and Alexis makes the mistake of asking Tamra to “butt out!” This triggers the bomb inside Tamra and she explodes!

Tamra swings into a rage and screams at Alexis to “get out!” and then basically throws her out. For a minute, I thought she was going to physically launch her out of the studio! Alexis gets up and is walking away as Tamra screams at Vicki and makes her pick a side or else she should get the hell out too!

I know there is back and forth amongst viewers as to whether or not Alexis is being bullied. I am completely against “bullying” being used as a term on Housewives shows because I think the ladies should know what they are signing up for. I do believe Alexis was verbally abused and harassed in this situation.

The episode ends and next week we will pick back up at the dinner party where Vicki and Gretchen then exchange words! Lydia tries to tell Alexis that she is not being bullied and Alexis claims she had to be on Xanax over the alleged bullying she was put through.

Vicki also deals with her personal life as her family comes into town and questions her about her relationship status, and Tamra hits a little slump with Eddie as far as their pending wedding goes!

Let’s discuss this week’s episode! Do you think Tamra, Gretchen and Heather were unnecessarily harsh to Alexis? Did Alexis deserve it?

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