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Mob Wives Recap: The Reunion!

The time has finally come! What we’ve all been waiting for! It’s the Mob Wives reunion and Dr. Drew is hosting! I don’t know about you but I found myself chuckling at the thought of Dr. Drew discussing the season with the ladies. They begin the reunion by letting viewers know that Love Majewski won’t be present. The ladies then discuss Love and Ramona describes her as a psychopath while Drita says she is “semi-mental.” Drita isn’t okay with what Love did to Carla and Ramona mentions that Carla does talk behind everyone’s back. I’m sorry but was Ramona watching this season? If anyone was talking behind anyone’s back it was Love. Love couldn’t stop talking about Carla and it was exhausting!

Ramona and Carla then go at it a few times. It’s funny how things change in a season. Last season it was Ramona and Karen VS Drita and now Ramona is doing everything to go at it with Carla! Dr. Drew asks Karen why she dislikes Carla so much and Karen responds that it’s because she is very rude and has an attitude. Karen adds that Carla will bring up other people’s family members but never wants any of the ladies to mention hers. Karen then says that the only reason Carla’s father is alive is because of hers. Because of that, Karen thinks Carla should respect Karen. Carla begins getting upset and tells Karen to go on google to find out the real facts! Carla then talks about the fight between Love saying she felt set up by everyone. She however, does feel like Drita did have her back. Karen denies that it was a set up saying she just wanted the ladies to talk it out. Renee justifies what Love did saying that it’s because Carla “leaned in” and was wrong for that. Really Renee? Regardless, no one should have been attacked and no one should be justifying it either!

Gotta love Big Ang because she tells it like it is and says that regardless Love was wrong. Since the whole reunion is focusing on Carla they ten discuss Carla sleeping with married men. Carla explains that when she was 20 she was dating a guy she wasn’t hundred percent sure about him being married. She says she thought he was separated. Carla then reveals that Ramona began dating her ex-husband while he was still married! Ramona furiously denies this saying he was separated and that she has an 8 caret ring. Ramona then starts saying some crazy things and it’s just sad. This is the same girl who’s children are probably watching this show and can see her act so immaturely and aggressive.

They then start talking about Renee’s rehab and Renee is getting emotional. Carla says she didn’t mean to call Renee a junkie and apologizes for it. Carla also apologizes to AJ knowing that probably hurt him. They then discuss Lee and Drita. Lee and Drita are living with each other but still have some issues. So will Lee be on season 4’s Mob Wives? Drita says no and adds that Lee doesn’t want to be on a TV show saying most criminals don’t want to be famous. Understandable. That’s when Joe’s girlfriend Raquel is mentioned and Carla explains she was upset when Raquel referred to her children as her family. I don’t blame her. That can always be hard to hear especially when it’s about your children. Renee sticks up for Carla saying she is pissed at Joe for going after a younger version of Carla!

Ramona’s wedding gets brought up and I still don’t understand how she’s going through with this. Karen believes Ramona doesn’t want to hear the truth and how ridiculous the whole situation sounds but adds that she will support her no matter what. Ramona lets the ladies know that she gets the reality of it but just wants to be happy and not hear all the negativity. I get Ramona doesn’t want people to be negative but her situation is just odd. Ramona reveals that Carla will be invited to her wedding. LOL interesting. Guess will see that on season 4..

Overall it was a decent reunion and I’m glad Love wasn’t in attendance. Thoughts on what went down? Do you think Love should have been asked to attend? Let’s Discuss!

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