RHOC Recap: Vicki Struggles With Briana While Progressing With Tamra; Lydia Gets Integrated!


In this week’s Real Housewives of Orange County, Alexis comes to Vicki’s to meet baby Troy. Vicki would normally have had Tamra over first, but now it’s Alexis. They have lunch which looks like store-bought salad given the plastic trays. It’s on a fancy plate now, though, so whatever.

Vicki and Alexis talk Brooks while Briana gives the funniest looks of disapproval. Vicki is confused about her status with Brooks and she hates explaining it. The two haven’t seen each other in six weeks, though, but Briana claims that they always talk on the phone like high schoolers.

Alexis wants Vicki to decide her fate with Brooks on her own, not based on anyone else’s opinion. Briana is still not feeling Brooks and she pays rent at the Gunvalson home, so she is requesting that he doesn’t come around the house. Is Briana being too harsh on her mom?

We catch up with Heather next. She meets Terry at his office and she reveals that Lydia wants to photograph their home for her magazine. Terry is impressed by the publication, but they’re not sure about it since they’re not being offered the cover. Later on, Lydia comes to Heather’s house to discuss the photo shoot and Heather explains to her what Terry decided.

Lydia and Heather have some mutual connections. Lydia’s mom goes to Terry for her Orange County obligatory nip and tuck, and Lydia says she also lived in the same neighborhood as Alexis and were friendly.

Heather questions if she wants to be associated with Lydia because she thinks the company you keep is a reflection of yourself. Lydia is also friends with another one of Heather’s friends, Casey, whom she loves, so she’s confused now!

Gretchen and Tamra go baby shopping and AGAIN they are matching in glittery silver tops. This BFFness is getting out of line. They are looking for fun gifts for Briana and her newborn. Gretchen starts chatting about potentially having kids before she gets too old. Tamra doesn’t think Gretchen has the time for a child right now.

Briana visits Vicki at her office and they talk about what is going to happen with them. Briana says she doesn’t want Brooks to be in her life, and Vicki respects her wishes, but then continues to say she doesn’t want to be told who to date or not date. It’s just such a confusing conflict between Vicki and Briana.

Tamra is at her new fitness studio location which has a ton of work to be done. Vicki drives over to see it even though she is only across the street at Coto Insurance! Vicki grills Tamra about business logistics and then Vicki suggests Tamra throw a little party for the girls to get to know the place. Sounds random and producer suggested.

Side note: Did you hear Tamra on the phone with Eddie when he asked why she was talking to Vicki? Tamra then said they had spoken at Heather’s clam bake. Except last week Tamra spoke to Eddie in the kitchen about seeing Vicki and being unsure if she wanted to move forward with her. I can’t stand bad editing!

We are taken into Lydia’s house which is absolutely beautiful. We get a quick glimpse of her life and her family. We learn that Lydia is and has always been rich, but teaches her kids to be appreciative and that they are not above others. She then gets ready with her handsome husband, get into their fancy sports car, and take a cruise over to a harbor dinner.

Vicki and Tamra then head to dinner and there is a weird tension between the ladies. They order dinner and get right into it. The girls talk about all the things they have done to each other in the past year. Tamra denies going after Brooks even though Vicki feels that she attacked her relationship with the man she loves.

Vicki remains confused and doesn’t know what to do. Tamra decides that she is just going to let Vicki learn on her own, and if Brooks takes advantage of her then so be it. She is going to let her learn on her own. They toast to moving on and not saying mean things to each other. We shall see if it lasts!

The Dubrows are getting ready for Yom Kippur. Getting four kids ready for a religious event gets crazy. Terry and Heather are bickering over helping out with the kids. Terry reveals he wants to help more with the “mommy” or “household” duties, but maybe not.

At the temple, Collette, the youngest, is being rowdy and it’s making me laugh. Heather asks Terry to take Collette outside, but Terry just brings her right back to Heather. Heather just wants him to help with the youngest baby because she’s always at home with her and the least Terry can do is help when he’s home.

Tamra at her studio again. Is all her filming going to happen here this season? She is with a party planner preparing to make the incomplete fitness studio look presentable. Tamra says it’s a personal thing to let the ladies come to her studio. It will be an opportunity to let them see how far she’s come in the past couple of years since her divorce.

Vicki asks Tamra if she can bring Alexis to her dinner party. Tamra does not like the idea but says that if Vicki wants to bring Alexis as her plus one, then okay. But she totally does not want drama at this party! I love when Housewives say this because it just means that sh*t will hit the fan.

Next week, Lydia catches up with Alexis and tells her that Heather talked about her fake diamond ring. Alexis doesn’t take too kindly to this. Later at Tamra’s party, of course fireworks pop off! Alexis plays the “I’m being bullied” card which brings Tamra to scream at Alexis and kick her out!

Let’s discuss this week’s RHOC! Is Heather’s bickering with Terry alarming? Will bringing Alexis to the dinner party tarnish the good streak that Tamra and Vicki have going right now? Is Briana crossing her boundaries by choosing who her mother can and can’t date or bring home?

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