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RHOC Recap: Vicki And Tamra Try To Move Past The Drama!

This week’s Real Housewives of Orange County resumes where we left off last week. Vicki arrives at Heather’s clam bake and Tamra is a nervous wreck. Vicki greets her, Gretchen, and Eddie politely. They exchange simple niceties about Briana and Brooks, but Vicki reveals that all she saw was ‘ick’ when she saw Tamra and had flashbacks of all the lies and mean things she spewed last season.

Immediately Gretchen says that Vicki looks different and begins to gossip about her and Brooks’s break-up, saying she thinks it’s ‘bullsh*t’.

Heather seats everyone down and Vicki is next to Gretchen, across from Tamra. The girls discuss Tamra’s lack of a wedding date and Heather teaches the girls how to eat lobster legs. Heather instructs to chew the leg and ‘it’ll come in your mouth.’ They all giggle, and I giggle too.

And so Gretchen breaks the peace! She asks Vicki where Brooks is and she says they’ve taken a break. Tamra chimes in, ‘wait, you guys broke up?!’ Gretchen feels that she has switched roles with Vicki because people would bash her relationship with Slade.

Gretchen tells Vicki that her friends just wanted to make sure she wasn’t getting taken advantage of. They are having a decent chat when Vicki jokes that Tamra is giving them the God-forsaken “evil eye” from across the table, which ticks Tamra off because it ignites emotions from last season’s huge fight with Vicki over what? None other than the evil eye!

Tamra admits that maybe she shouldn’t have acted how she did last year towards Vicki. Vicki says she felt that Tamra was neglecting her for Gretchen, which Tamra also agrees to. Tamra tears up and walks away and I am shocked! Tamra is taking responsibility for something and since she is one to normally just tell a b*tch off, it’s clear she might still love Vicki and wants to mend things with her.

Alexis, who was not invited to the clam bake, is taking dance lessons with Jim who apparently used to be a lambada dancer. Umm… Alexis talks about how they had been going through financial issues last year and that Jim may have felt like a failure. Now that things have improved she proclaims that their marriage is doing better than ever.

Back at Heather’s house, Tamra announces that the city approved her fitness studio! Vicki is happy for her but there is awkwardness. She and Vicki lock themselves in the wine cellar to talk things out because they never did.

Bad idea perhaps, given the status of their friendship and Tamra’s history with red wine! Vicki’s new face might get a touch of wine in addition to the fat fillers and silicone!

Tamra starts and relates her fall out with Vicki to family feuds, where you don’t always agree with them but you still can’t help but love them. Vicki reveals she can’t be with the man she loves because of what Tamra said. Tamra said Vicki can’t live based on what others say.

Tamra said she just didn’t trust Brooks especially in Vicki’s post-divorce fragility. The wine in the cellar brings Vicki flashbacks of the time when she double dated with Tamra while they were both married. They admit that they don’t want to throw their friendship away and they say sorry to each other. The girls remain unsure about whether they can trust each other ever again or not.

Back in the limo after the clam bake, Gretchen tells Tamra that Vicki is lying and is bullsh*tting about her break-up. A) Why does she care so much? She hates Vicki. B) She never told Vicki she was lying and she even said she loved her earlier at the clam bake.

Alexis plugs her family’s business – Sky Zone Trampoline Park. She is the spokesperson, which she defines as speaking about Sky Zone to the news. Oh Alexis! She denies getting fired from her news gig to concentrate on her family. Do we believe her? I think at the reunion she kind of admitted she was let go?

Someone else who has a new job: Slade! He hosts his own radio show and we see him in studio talking smack about Vicki and her plastic surgery with his co-host who reminds me of a run down aerobics instructor with pink hair.

Gretchen pops in to support her man and she is acting like a proud mom taking pictures of her son before he takes off for his senior prom.  She says Slade having a job is so “like, weird” and he looks so “cute”, while she snaps pictures. Apparently now that Slade is doing better financially, a marriage might be on the horizon!

Vicki’s at home watching her renovation process! Briana is irritated that the fumes and dust from the painting and construction could affect baby Troy. Grandma Vicki gushes at baby Troy and says he came into her life at the right time, and put her humpty-dumpty shattered self together again. Cute!

Tamra is home with Eddie and she tells him about her interaction with Vicki. Eddie is not a fan of Vicki’s and says she’s about “lying, cheating and deceiving.” He warns Tamra not to let her back in because she will just get hurt by Vicki again. Heather is telling her otherwise, so now Tamra is confused about which direction to take with Vicki.

LOL Moment: Terry bugging the sh*t out of Heather with his onion rings and steak comments. It’s getting a little Adrienne Maloof, though! I hope that’s not the case because I love these two together.

Weird Moment: Jim, as if he didn’t already creep me out a tiny bit, trying on and walking around in Alexis’s squishy platform sandals.

Next week, Gretchen talks babies, Heather continues to bicker with Terry, and Briana gives Vicki crap about Brooks. Vicki invites Alexis to Tamra’s dinner party and all hell will surely break loose. At least we get to meet new housewife Lydia!

Let’s discuss this week’s show! Do you think Eddie is right about Vicki, or should Tamra give it another shot with her?

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