RHOA Recap: Kenya Moore Kicks Porsha Out & Drama Ensues!


It’s finally the end for another season of Real Housewives of Atlanta! Kenya is with her event planners organizing her “coming out” party, which is a tribute to African American women (and men) in film history. She has assigned characters to each of the ladies, so let’s see what happens when one of the Housewives does not abide by the hostess’s request!

Phaedra is working on yet another business venture and now I don’t know if she is desperate for money and spreading herself too thin, or really just an ambitious and smart business woman. This season we’ve seen her take on pet funerals, workout videos, and now she is selling Phaedra Sparks, her new stun gun for women! She is testing them out with Kandi and this is useless TV.

Porsha went to therapy last week by herself, and now she is bringing Kordell along to discuss their severe discrepancies when it comes to Porsha being a mother and having a career simultaneously. Porsha says that this disagreement between them can’t go on forever, and she is right given their divorce announcement last week. I feel sad for them, but Porsha will come out a better person because of it.

I am cringe-worthy bored so far and this Easter dinner food coma is not helping. Carrying on…

It’s the day of the party and Kenya and her associate Brandon are discussing her costume assignment for Porsha, Halle Berry in B*A*P*S*, which is not exactly the most flattering role. It’s not considered iconic in film, so Kenya is clearly trying to embarrass Porsha despite saying otherwise. She even describes the role as fitting for Porsha because she is rough around the edges and not so polished. That says it all.

Porsha is modeling potential outfits at her hair salon and this shows her true persona. She is having fun and is care free, something she is not lately when she is around Kordell! Her friends tell her that Kenya is pulling a “Legally Blonde” when Elle was invited to the party, tricked into arriving in costume and then ridiculed. She decides not to be played for a fool by Kenya.

The janky and wrinkly step-and-repeat is out and Kandi arrives first dressed as Tina Turner! Cynthia and Peter come next and she is looking stunning as Diana Ross in Mahogany! Kenya is introduced as hostess and she reveals her Foxy Brown get up. Porsha arrives and Kenya sees her as Halle Berry’s Dorothy Dandridge, and that’s when all hell breaks loose!

Kenya gets upset that Porsha changed her costume without notifying her, which threw off the skit portion of the event that Kenya had planned around the assigned roles. Okay, so now I see why Kenya would get pissed off. She rants to everyone and then confronts Porsha. Porsha tells her that she was not going to fall for her litte trap, so Kenya has Porsha escorted out.

It makes sense now that Kenya would get upset given the production she had coordinated, but maybe she should have been more clear about the importance of the costumes she hand picked for the girls and enforced them a little more! When she told Porsha her costume selection she didn’t make it seem like it was set in stone and was not flexible.

Porsha and Kordell twirl away and then Cynthia and Peter follow along with Kandi and Todd! They are all agreeing with Porsha that Kenya is acting way out of line over a costume. Cynthia calls NeNe on the phone, who thinks Kenya is being mean and hateful.

Kenya comes outside and explains why she kicked Porsha out. They argue and then Kordell sticks up for his wife against Kenya. They rehash their drama from Anguilla and from Porsha’s charity event at the start of the season. Porsha feels offended and then Kenya, realizing her cast mates have decided not to go along with her antics, realizes that she will change her script and allow Porsha back in.

Brandon, Kenya’s friend, now starts arguing with Kordell. Kordell is arguing Porsha says she has never seen him this angry before! The show starts inside the venue and the girls are still congregated outside. NeNe finally arrives as Grace Jones and she is looking like a million bucks! She definitely has stolen the show.

Phaedra arrives dressed as Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman and also rocks it! All the girls are now outside together while Kenya is inside with all her other guests. Porsha “takes one for the team” and decides to go back in. This would have never happened if they weren’t in the middle of filming a show.

NeNe has a chat with Kenya and talks about being “one”. She tells Kenya not to burn any bridges, so Kenya apologizes to Porsha. It’s nice that NeNe gets through to Kenya, but Kenya clearly only apologized for the event’s sake. Kenya gets on stage and introduces the Housewives as her “co-hosts” and all seems to be good…until next week when the ladies hash it out on the reunion!

Let’s discuss the season finale! How did you feel seeing Porsha and Kordell in therapy? Do you think Kenya was acting crazy kicking Porsha out of the costume party?

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