Mob Wives Recap: Crazy Love!


Mob Wives stars with Love meeting Karen up for some lunch. At lunch, Karen reveals that she is going to plan a prenup party. What exactly is a prenup party? Karen says it will teach women how to protect what they have before they get married. The only concern Karen has is that Ramona is going to think the party is about her but Karen says she has been wanting to do this for a while now. Love then admits she is hurt with Ramona because Ramona has yet to tell her she is getting married. Karen believes that Ramona may be keeping low key because she might not be very happy and doesn’t want to hear what everyone has to say because you know everyone is going to tell her it’s ridiculous! Later, Ramona is talking about her wedding to her daughters. Ramona’s daughter seems to be very smart and doesn’t understand why Ramona would marry someone who is going to jail. That’s when Joe calls and Ramona asks how much longer it’ll be before he can get out of prison. He doesn’t really give an answer and says he’s waiting to hear about it.

Big Ang goes to Carla’s to hang out. The two are chit chatting when Carla reveals that Love is now friends with her current boyfriends ex-wife and is going to her house. How does Carla know all of this? Because Carla’s boyfriend’s ex is reporting back to Carla and telling her everything Love is saying. Love however, forgets to mention that she too was doing it with Derek for months! Carla thinks Love is a stalker. I am starting to think the same thing! That’s when the doorbell rings and Carla is served with divorce papers. Carla seems to be okay with it and is happy that Joe will always have her back regardless of their status.

Renee and Ramona are checking out some shoes. Ramona brings up the prenup party that Karen is throwing. Ramona thinks the timing of this is all odd and I don’t blame her. Finally, the prenup party is happening and Karen tells Big Ang that she will always support her cousin Ramona whether she agrees with the marriage or not. Ramona is not feeling the party so she chooses to bring some of her friends to distract her. Karen lets Ramona know that the party has nothing to do with her. Love approaches Ramona and tells her she was hurt that she didn’t hear about the wedding news from her. Ramona says it was only because she was busy. Ramona also explains to Love that this whole thing has been very hard because not everyone is being supportive. Do you blame them? Ramona also believes she can’t ever call Karen to talk about the wedding because it’s clear Karen doesn’t agree. That must suck for Ramona. In the end of the day, Ramona just wants support and Karen overhears Ramona talking about this and says Ramona blames Karen for all of her problems. Love won’t stop asking Ramona a million questions and Ramona’s friends are getting bothered by how Love is speaking to Ramona. That’s when Love goes psycho on Ramona’s friend and says she will stab her bla bla bla. Is this how grown women really speak? Love is just sad at this point and embarrassing. I feel like because she has done what she did in her past she thinks she needs to be this person who is so aggressive. Karen gets involved attempting to calm Love down. Karen explains that Ramona’s friend is a nice person and Love says she won’t let anyone give her hard looks. Oh please.

Later on that day Renee, Karen and Drita meet up for some drinks and talk about Drita’s 80’s themed birthday party. Drita says Carla is coming and Renee says she is done fighting with her. They all think if Carla’s boyfriend name gets brought up that Love will go cray cray on Carla and Drita does not want Love to attack Carla. I honestly think Love has been targeting Carla since the beginning and just wants to do what she can to start drama so she’s going after Carla.

Renee is at home and her son AJ reveals he is ready to move to Florida. Renee is obviously heart broken and doesn’t want this to happen. AJ says he is an adult while Renee laughs and says he is only 19. Renee keeps saying no but AJ has made his decision. It’s sad to watch this only because AJ is everything to Renee and she is going to feel like she is losing her son!

Thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Did Love go too far? Was Karen only throwing a prenup party because of Ramona? Let’s Discuss!

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