RHOBH Recap: And So The Expected Drama Continues…


The drama never ends with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills even if someone is doing something as beautiful as renewing there wedding vows! While Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd were getting ready to throw a wedding renewal ceremony, Adrienne was hosting a launch party for her vodka line!

While Adrienne is getting prepped for the party she and Paul are bickering as usual. I don’t know how Paul put up with it for so long. I really don’t. Brandi and Lisa don’t attend the party but Brandi wasn’t even invited to begin with. Although Brandi wasn’t in attendance doesn’t mean her name wasn’t dropped! In fact that’s all everyone seemed to be talking about. Marisa decides to show the ladies a text from Brandi that suggest in order to save her marriage it needs a hall pass. Marisa is stunned by this but I don’t see why? Marisa is constantly complaining about her marriage and all someone is doing is giving her a suggestion. That’s when Adrienne, Faye and Camille start bashing Brandi. Faye accuses Brandi of sleeping with someone at Kyle’s white party That’s when Yolanda gets involved and calls them out for talking about Brandi behind her back! Go Yolanda! Yolanda is a true friend. She will always have her friends back even when they aren’t there to defend themselves. Yolanda is even irritated that these ladies only voice their problem behind each other’s back.

The next day Paul and Adrienne file for legal separation. Surprised? Me neither. Paul should have left Adrienne a long time ago. Brandi is not surprised by the separation but she does think the timing makes for a publicity stunt. I disagree. I think it was just bound to happen. Now it’s time to celebrate Ken and Lisa’s vow renewal party. Everyone looks absolutely lovely while Taylor looks eh. Everything looks beautiful and the drama begins. Yolanda calls out Marisa on being two faced. Marisa gets very defensive and tried to play it like she didn’t do anything wrong. Marisa then says she jokes about her marriage but that there’s nothing wrong with it. Marisa just needs to zip it because she made everyone believe something is wrong with her marriage when she constantly complained about her man in front of him and everyone else!

Faye walks in and I’m just confused as to why she’s there. Obviously producers invited her but still-if Lisa really didn’t want her there. She shouldn’t be there! Faye gets in the conversation because she feels like she doesn’t want Marisa to be alone. Faye refused to leave and started stirring more up by saying Brandi will never be a lady. That’s not all! She even blamed Brandi for Adrienne’s separation. No Faye, no one can be blamed for that failed marriage but Adrienne. Marisa thinks Faye’s comments were just uncalled for and I think everyone can agree with Marisa on that one!

My whole take on everything: If Marisa was upset with Brandi’s text, she should have just approached her instead of telling the ladies? As for Adrienne and Paul splitting. Again, it was bound to happen! I kind of wish Brandi didn’t address the drama with Marisa at Lisa’s party but it is the Real Housewives and all this drama is expected. Thoughts on Monday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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