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Mob Wives Recap: Mama And Carla Drama!

Sunday’s episode of Mob Wives begins with Big Ang throwing a Christmas party! Love and Renee can’t make the holiday party and Renee’s excuse is that she doesn’t want to see Carla. Good for, Renee. She’s not putting herself in a situation she knows will be bad and I respect her for that. Drita attends the party first and that’s when Big Ang tells Drita Ramona is engaged. Drita is shocked. Aren’t we all? Karen and Ramona later come in and the ladies are waiting for Carla who they say no one has really seen or heard from.

Karen then says she is not cool with Carla and the only reason she ever civil with her is because she was friends with Renee. Now that Renee and Carla are no longer friends, Karen doesn’t like her. Finally Carla arrives and Big Ang realizes that both Ramona and Karen are giving Carla the cold shoulder. Drita points out the obvious. That there is tension and awkwardness. Karen finally talks and brings up the knife incident saying she heard that Carla waved a knife in Renee’s face and she didn’t like it. Big Ang isn’t happy and Big Ang being the smart girl she is doesn’t think it was very appropriate of Karen to bring up and for Ramona to discuss. Carla says she was upset and adds that Renee was saying a lot of bad things about her. Ramona thinks thats no excuse and says a knife should never be waved in front of someones face. Carla says she is done with Renee. Drita gets involved and says that if Carla would have done that to her she would have shoved it down her throat.

Because Drita and Carla are friends, I think Drita should have kept quiet but Ramona is really happy Drita didn’t. I personally would like my friend to take me a side and tell me I was wrong instead of saying it in front of people who don’t like me. But that’s just me! Carla then says that because she gave Renee “tough love” that she decided to get help and Karen is simply disgusted with her.

Karen and Ramona then leave because they are going to Arizona to talk to Dave in the morning. Karen and Ramona are going because Karen wants to have a talk with Dave who failed to tell Karen he had a girlfriend and she was around their daughter. They arrive to Karen’s Arizona home and Dave is not there. They look around the house to see if the girlfriend is living with him only to realize that Dave’s stuff is no longer there and that he has moved out! Karen is livid because she’s paying a bill only for a dog to live there alone. Karen’s daughter comes when Karen’s mother brings her by. Karen asks about Dave to her daughter and Karina is being shady about it. It’s clear Karina was asked to keep quiet regarding Dave’s life when it comes to Karen. That’s when Karina reveals she has been getting close with Dave’s girlfriend and talking to her about issues in school and Karen is sad like most mothers would be. Karen says she wants Karina to go to her and Karina isn’t being very nice or respectful to her mother. My whole thing with Karen and her daughter drama is if she’s so upset about her daughter talking to someone else, why doesn’t she have her daughter live with her? The best thing for any daughter is to be with there mother and if Karen thinks filming a show puts her daughter in danger she shouldn’t be on this show. Dave later walks in and is confused with what’s going on. Dave says his hello’s and comes clean saying he does live with his girlfriend but comes by to check on the dog. He upsets Karen more when he says he doesn’t owe her an explanation. They go back and fourth and Karen says she wants to meet his girlfriend who is so present with their daughter. After seeing how great Dave looks, Ramona thinks the two should try to work things out which confuses Karen!

Drita, Big Ang and Love are back home and meeting up at Renee’s who is taking them on a trip. Renee kept the trip a surprise so they don’t know where they are going. They take a road trip to Connecticut to look for an attack dog and no one is happy with the how long it took to get there.

Later on Drita and Carla visit Drita’s new store. Drita is super excited and it’s nice to see things going so well for her. They then have a girls night for Carla’s birthday and Drita makes it clear she is still friends with Carla regardless of siding with Karen and Ramona at Big Ang’s Christmas party. Carla then talks about her new chapter and how well her boyfriend gets along with her kids. The drama continues next week..

Thoughts on how Dave is with Karen? Were you surprised Drita sided with Ramona and Karen? Let’s Discuss!

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