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RHOA Recap: Don’t Be Tardy For NeNe’s Dinner Party

Real Housewives of Atlanta came back this week after a hiatus on Oscar Sunday! The last time we saw the girls, they were all at Cynthia’s Miss Renaissance pageant. Now, they have flown to Los Angeles to take a peek inside NeNe’s new life as an actress, but they soon find out that you can take the girl out of Atlanta, but you can’t exactly take the Atlanta out of the girl.

NeNe and Gregg have finally settled into their new Hollywood Hills house and they are preparing for the girls to arrive from Atlanta. NeNe has rented a vacation home for the girls to stay at while they are in town. NeNe reveals that she has planned a big dinner party for the girls so they can see her new house and catch up over dinner and drinks!

The ladies are in a stretch limo and in the Hollywood Hills that is just a no-no. NeNe comes down the hill to get the girls in her car, and they arrive at their vacation home which is just to die for. Elevator, huge common area, gorgeous kitchen, beautiful waterfalls and of course a flawless scenic view of Los Angeles. The girls prep for the dinner party while Phaedra arrives late due to a missed flight!

The dinner was set for 9 p.m. and the girls head out at 11 p.m. or later. They arrive at midnight and are greeted by a very pissed off NeNe Leakes! NeNe scolds them like children late for class at some old village school house. Kandi looks exhausted and jetlagged, and starts slurring nonsense as if she’s not taking NeNe seriously. After NeNe asks the girls to leave since they are three hours late, Kandi walks around the house and peeks in the windows, asks for a plate of food to go and Greg brings her a cheese tray! Hilarious.

I understand why NeNe is angry, and I would be too if my guests were THREE hours late, but the excuses she was saying were so irrelevant to me. She was talking about her son being asleep, and how she had a big scene coming up later in the week…but I think I saw people inside her house and although she claims they were caterers I don’t know if I believe that. Even Greg was asking NeNe to relax! Plus, weren’t they heading to Vegas the next day? What about the big scene?

The next morning Kenya wakes up early and cooks breakfast for all the ladies. Surprisingly she is still keeping calm and collected even while on a trip with Porsha and Phaedra. After Porsha finally figures out the button to push on the coffee maker, the ladies make sure to arrive on time to their improv class at Groundlings. Kenya has set this up for the ladies because she’s an actress and wants to do something  for them while they’re in her old home. Everything Kenya talks about her acting career I can’t help but giggle.

NeNe, outraged over tardiness the night before, funnily misses the entire improv class arriving at the end of it! Kandi said it best – why isn’t she getting scolded and getting sent home with a tray of cheese? Oh yeah, she’s an actress now and they would never raise their voice at NeNe.

After Groundlings, NeNe gives the ladies a tour of Paramount Studios and takes them inside her trailer on the set of The New Normal. Everything has been decent up until this point as far as the drama goes between Kenya with Porsha and Phaedra. That’s until NeNe takes the ladies to dinner at Crustacean!

Up in the private VIP dining room, the girls sit down for a dinner which reeked ridiculously of producer instigation. The ladies chatted up and everything that was brought up seemed to create awkward tension. The ladies brought everything up from the competing booty workout videos (mind you, Phaedra even sat next to Kenya at dinner…awkward) to Walter! Although Kenya brought Walter up initially, you could tell she didn’t want to continue into a discussion.

Kenya shares that she has broken up with Walter (this happened so long ago, I’m shocked the ladies didn’t know already) and then Kandi’s like ‘well, he was just at Porsha’s party for Kordell!’ Porsha makes a snarky comment about him being invited and enjoying himself even though Kenya was not invited. Kenya storms off crying in old, pre-cancer scare Kenya fashion! NeNe goes down to find her and Kenya feels that she should not talk about her personal life with her non-friends, Phaedra and Porsha, present.

Next week the girls head to Las Vegas! Strip clubs, drinks, and Showgirl lessons. Phaedra and Kenya finally face off, and it seems that the ladies confront Porsha about how “controlling” Kordell is.

Let’s discuss this week’s episode! Should NeNe have at least let the girls inside and scolded them indoors for being late? Do you think Kenya overreacted at dinner, or was she being provoked with all the sensitive topics being brought up?

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