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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Heather Dubrow Reveals New Living Arrangements & Discusses Selling Her Home; Plus, Marriage Drama To Come On RHOC!

AllAboutTRH was present at Tamra Barney’s CUT Fitness grand opening party this weekend and supporting her friend and Real Housewives of Orange County cast mate was Heather Dubrow and husband Dr. Terry Dubrow! Even in workout gear, no make-up and strained vocal chords, Heather looks just as refined in person (“fancypants!”) as she does on TV. She is really pretty, tiny and very friendly with all the people she was meeting and chatting up. She and Terry could not have been more delightful to me. They were great people, which is not always the case with some reality TV stars. And, they are huge AllAboutTRH fans, so that’s a plus in my book!

After some Zumba sessions (Terry has some serious latin moves!) and some BodyPump, Heather took some time to talk to me about some of the things we’ve been hearing about the Dubrows and their recent real estate ventures, and also dished on what to expect from her and her family on the upcoming season of RHOC. Check out our exclusive chat below:

AllAboutTRH: Last year you were introduced along with your husband and children to the show. What can we expect from you on your second season of RHOC?
Heather Dubrow: What happens with us is very personal. If you saw the teaser you saw me slam the door on Terry. Like all relationships, you go through times, and unfortunately the cameras caught us going through a little bit of a time. We’ve been together for 16 years and we love each other, but we’re a couple and things happen.

I’m glad the audience will have a chance to come inside our world a little more. Last year we were introduced, but now you know us. We’re happy, we’re a great family, but we’re not perfect and it’s good to show that great couples do get into fights and then move past those things.

It’s exciting for me, because of my reemergence in scripted television. I have roles on two amazing shows, Hot In Cleveland and Malibu Country. It’s very exciting, personally, and very gratifying. I had a really good time filming. My youngest is two, and she is starting school in the fall. Just a few days a week, but it’s really a more appropriate time for me to be considering working full-time.

AllAboutTRH: Why would you guys ever sell that gorgeous house of yours?
HD: Yes, that’s something that has gone public!

Terry Dubrow: Wait ’til you see what we’re building next!

HD: We’re pretty “on the table” people. We don’t really have any secrets! Ever since we got pregnant with Collette, which was a big surprise, the house just didn’t work for us anymore which sounds so silly. We didn’t have enough bedrooms upstairs and our kids are so young.

It wasn’t on the market, but someone basically knocked on the door with an offer we couldn’t refuse!

AllAboutTRH: I’m glad you bring that up, because some of the immediate speculation from viewers was that you were having financial problems!
Did you see what we sold it for? I’m the top plastic surgeon in Orange County and she’s an actress. Why would we be broke?! (laughing)

HD: You know, we don’t have to qualify. Let people think what they want. We’re doing pretty well, so I don’t think anyone should worry for us, but that’s okay. People can think what they want, I don’t care about that.

They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse and now we’re in escrow in a magnificent lot not far from where we live. And it’s even slightly better than our lot now for certain reasons. It’s bigger, we can get higher ceilings, and we get more harbor so we get more twinkly lights at night. But the best part is that we could now put five bedrooms on the top floor which is what we need.

AllAboutTRH: Where will the Dubrow’s reside in the mean time?
HD: What we’ve decided to do is change up our lifestyle a bit. We’ve gotten a place in a beach community with a private beach and it’s really good for the kids. There’s tons of kids everywhere and it’s definitely a smaller home, but it’s a cool lifestyle that we’re excited to live for the next one to two years while we build our new house. For us life is an adventure!

So basically, they are taking a two year vacation. I wish I had Dubrow problems! What do you think of what Heather had to say? Are you looking forward to a more personal look into her family life on season eight of RHOC?

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