RHOBH Recap: The Ladies Head To Paris!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins with an intervention from the Richards sisters! On last weeks episode we saw that Taylor was drinking and Kim obviously knows what it’s like since she had a similar issue. She heads over to Kyle’s house and tells Kyle that she thinks the two should talk to Taylor so that Taylor won’t continue to go on the same path Kim did. Kyle is nervous because Taylor is her friend and she doesn’t want Taylor to be hurt by this.

Kyle agrees to confront Taylor with Kim about there concerns regarding her drinking problem. They head over to Taylor’s home and even Taylor was surprised that they were randomly showing up to her house. She too knew something was up. Kim and Kyle sit Taylor down and I was ready for an explosion to erupt. I was ready for Taylor to deny everything but Taylor responded calm. She even admitted she has been drinking but said she will stop on her own. I guess I’ll believe it when I see it. Kyle was relieved Taylor didn’t take it personal and was glad that Kim decided to say something.

The gang is headed to Mohammed’s home and Yolanda invites everyone to Paris. Before we get to the Paris discussion. Let’s talk Marisa. Marisa is so out of line. She continues to belittle her husband as he stands there and it’s just sad. She obviously takes him for granted and I’m surprised he doesn’t teach her a lesson. It’s sad when someone doesn’t realize how beautiful it is to be with someone for as long as they have been. She doesn’t get what an accomplishment that is and it’s starting to look pathetic. It’s disturbing to hear her say she wants to sleep with other men in front of everyone and justify it because ‘everyone thinks that way.’

Back to Paris. Yolanda invites everyone and Taylor decides not to go because she wants to focus on her daughter. Does she really want to focus on her daughter or her new boyfriend who she fell in love with within 48 hours? Just saying! If Taylor really wants to focus on her daughter she should just leave the show and do that. Yolanda also confronts Taylor but about something else. She asks Taylor if she has a problem with her and Taylor denies it.

Lisa and Ken head to Ken’s sons home and I am taken back! I didn’t even know Ken had a son. Ken’s son is just as successful and it was nice to see how close Ken and Lisa are with Ken’s sons family.

Everyone arrives to Paris minus Marisa who sadly lost her father in law. The gang is standing outside a balcony looking at the beautiful views of Paris waiting for Kim Richards to arrive. Kim’s late as usual and her behavior raises eyebrow. She’s acting exactly like she did when she was drunk all of last season. Clearly something is going on with Kim. Both Kyle and Lisa knew something was up with Kim and it’s just sad and embarrassing seeing her act this way. She was doing so good! Next week’s episode continues with the gang at Paris and a talk between Lisa and Kyle!

Thoughts on Monday’s episode? Do you think Kim was drunk? Are you shocked by how Taylor handled the intervention? Let’s Discuss!

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