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Mob Wives Recap: Drita’s Husband Gets Released; Renee Comes Back From Rehab!

This week on Mob Wives, Drita meets with Carla and Big Ang to reveal some surprising stuff that just happened! Lee showed up at Drita’s house after being prison for years! Drita was completely shocked because she did not know he’d be home, plus, she had just visited him in prison with the kids and he did not mention any of this. Drita tells Big Ang and Carla that she does not know what to do because she has feelings for Lee, but he’s hurt her a lot and does not want to set herself up for disappointment again.

Karen and Ramona gossip about the news of Lee being home (well, he actually has the halfway house to deal with now) and Karen reveals she does not care as long as he is there for his family now that he’s out. Karen and Lee previously had a bit of a tiff because he did not want to be part of Karen’s book!

Renee has been away in rehab for a few weeks and she is now back in Staten Island! She feels rejuvenated and is in a new house, so it really is a fresh start. Renee meets with the whole group, minus Carla, for bowling and they all have a great time. Renee finds that everyone is actually getting along pretty well right now – except Renee and Carla!

The girls plan a spa day and it ends up being just Karen and Drita! The girls bond over their husband issues and discuss Lee. The ladies are glad that they’ve come so far since their brawl!

Renee and Ramona go for a late night stroll in Staten Island. It’s the holiday season so it brings back a lot of memories for the ladies. They reminisce about the people who are not in their lives this holiday season – Renee’s dad and Ramona’s grandfather. Ramona decides to organize a memorial (attended by Karen, Love, Ang, and Renee only) for her grandfather who passed away on Thanksgiving.

Carla is headed into the divorce proceedings with Joe and she is pretty unsure of what this will be like. She does not know what she wants to ask for and now that Joe is dating Raquel she is concerned that she will be “chirping in his ear” about the divorce. Carla, Joe and Raquel have a meeting since Carla has not officially met Raquel yet.

There is a lot of tension between both parties and Carla just wants to make sure her kids are safe and comfortable around Raquel. They make “amends” but you can tell Carla is still a little weary about this girl Raquel, and Raquel can definitely tell.

Love, Karen, and Drita meet up for drinks and Love puts Drita in the middle of her fight with Carla. Drita says there will not be a fight and that she will NOT get involved in this, all while Love continues to talk about breaking Carla’s every bone and stabbing her 12 times. Love scares the sh!t out of me. Drita continues to refuse to get involved and says that Love will just have to meet with Carla alone, or just stay home instead.

Next week, Ramona opens up about her engagement to the prison inmate and the wedding she plans to still have!

Cutest moment of the episode: Big Ang taking Neil to get his hair cut and Neil then cooking her a romantic dinner, setting off all the fire alarms in the house! These two are so adorable and Big Ang is pure sunshine.

Let’s discuss this week’s episode! Do you think Love is playing up her issue with Carla? Do you think Lee and Drita
will end up becoming a family unit once again?

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