RHOBH Recap: Camille Grammer VS Brandi Glanville And Lisa Vanderpump!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are in Vegas minus Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong and I’m not complaining about that either! It’s actually refreshing not seeing Taylor on screen because for the most part, she just bugs and seems to make almost everything about herself!

While the ladies are in Vegas, Adrienne is doing some type of business thing that I failed to remember because I don’t watch the Real Housewives to hear about the ladies business ventures. Any who, Adrienne continues to bring up Brandi’s name in her interviews which is annoying. They both need to move the heck on.

It was fun to see the ladies pole dance. Brandi comes off insecure but she was totally loving showing her sexy side! Marisa Zanuck not so much? Marisa claims sexy is when you’re successful and that is true but there’s nothing wrong with feeling sexy and that just so happens to be how Brandi was feeling at that moment!

The ladies are in the Limo headed back to there hotel when Kyle gets a phone call from her sister Kim. Kim says she is considering getting her nose done. Random! I think Kim is bored and just wanted something different to do. Whatever floats her boat. Kyle is taken back and Kim then reveals her appointment is literally in a few hours and she already drew blood. This is where I don’t understand Kim. She calls her sister says she is considering getting her nose done when really she already has set up an appointment and everything? I just don’t get why she has to be shady and weird about everything that goes on in her life!

Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul seem to do everything together and Paul is getting hair removed per Adrienne’s request. I feel bad for Paul. Adrienne is always complaining about him and it must suck to be in a relationship with someone who makes you not feel very worthy. I hope Paul finds happiness after this divorce is settled.

Back in Vegas, the ladies are having dinner when Camille brings up how she wishes Adrienne Maloof was in attendance. Why must they bring up Adrienne’s name? You know it’s just going to lead too more disagreements and drama! Brandi then accuses Camille of knowing Adrienne was going to attack Lisa at the reunion. These ladies will never learn to let things go! Camille feels attacked by Brandi and isn’t having it. Camille points out that the reason Adrienne was so upset with Lisa during the reunion time is because Pandora didn’t chose to go to the Palms for her bachelorette party! C’mon Adrienne! If that really is the case, move on! I am a huge Brandi fan. Always have been but I don’t think it was cool of Brandi to randomly say that Adrienne only owns 2% of the palms! She still owns it regardless how much percentage she has in it and it’s really no ones business.

Yolanda then calls out Kyle Richards for constantly bringing up Adrienne’s name and having Adrienne’s back. I don’t know how I feel about Yolanda. Kyle IS an instigator but it was actually Camille who brought up Adrienne’s name this time and Yolanda was blaming Kyle. Camille then calls out Lisa Vanderpump for owning only half of SUR and Yolanda says who cares how much Lisa owns, it’s no ones business. Exactly, Yolanda! And it’s no ones business how much Adrienne owns either! And this is me saying this when I’m not even an Adrienne fan! It seems like Yolanda has an agenda against Kyle but I just don’t understand what it is? Yolanda also seems to get very irritated when the girls are discussing drama but that’s what the Real Housewives is about. Drama brings ratings and these girls love to give us the drama. What did Yolanda expect when entering the show? To talk about how perfect life as a housewife is?

The dinner as usual ends awkwardly and Kyle visits Kim to see how she’s holding up since getting her nose done. Kyle’s acting clueless about nose jobs when realistically I’m pretty sure 99% of housewives have gotten their nose done and know exactly how the procedure goes down! Kyle explains what happened at Vegas to Kim and it’s kind of cute to see them bonding since they never do so anymore. Lisa also explains what went down to Ken and it seems like Ken didn’t agree with the fact that Brandi mentioned Adrienne only owns 2% of the palms. Lisa opens up about Kyle not having Lisa’s back and I agree. It doesn’t seem like Kyle has Lisa’s back especially on last season’s reunion but the two made it clear they spoke outside of filming and moved on. Except it looks like they really haven’t…stay tuned for next week when Lisa and Kyle go face to face!

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