Mob Wives Recap: Don’t Bust A Cap Or Anything!


The drama on Mob Wives seems to continue with Renee Graziano as she feels unsafe especially after receiving a threatening later from her ex-husband Junior who demands she doesn’t turn their son against him. Renee is so furious over the threat and meets up Ramona Rizzo to confirm that the letter is saying she has a future problem. Renee reveals that ever since getting the letter she feels “very afraid” and Ramona questions whether Junior is actually in jail. Ramona feels like because the government monitors the letters that if he really was in jail the government wouldn’t allow Junior to send out a threatening letter.

Renee says she is going to lose it. Renee doesn’t want to go to the cops because she’s not a “rat” like Junior. Um hello. If my ex husband who betrayed me and my father is threatening me, I’m going to contact ANYONE who will listen! Shoot. My life is important and ain’t no one going to make me feel unsafe!

We then see Love hang out with her mother. Love remineses on her lovely childhood revealing that she broke over 14 noses before she was even 13. Um. I don’t know why Love brags about this like this is something to tell the world about. Getting physical is not cool and it’s rather embarrassing.

We then see Carla and Big Ang meet at a car wash. Uh. Does anyone else notice that the ladies meet at the most random places to film? Big Ang asks Carla why she didn’t attend the Botox Bash and Carla honestly says it’s because Drita wasn’t going and she wouldn’t have anyone to hang out with which is true. Whether you like her or not, Carla tries to steer clear out of the drama and knows when not to put herself in a bad situation and we all know if she went, there would have been so much tension.

Carla reveals she’s confused as to why people think her and Love have an issue but Love later reveals that the issue they have is that Carla is apparently bashing her. Why can’t these women be grown adults and if they believe someone is bashing them just ask them? Drita has Carla’s back and tells Love that Carla has never spoke badly about her to Drita which says a lot since Drita and Carla are best friends. Love then tells Drita that Carla was dating a guy Love was dating at the same time. Drita is shocked by this.

Karen is hanging out with her daughter who lives in Arizona. Karen asks how Dave is. Dave is the father of Karen’s daughter Karina. Karen says that Dave has been living under Karen’s roof in Arizona without paying any bills and has recently been ignoring her. Karina reveals that it’s because he has a girlfriend an Karen isn’t really upset about it. She’s upset once Karina points out that she found a G string in HER bedroom that belonged to Dave’s girlfriend! Oh H to the ELL NO! How disrespectful can someone be and childish of Dave to allow that to happen? If I was Karen, I’d be furious and she was! She has every right to be angry at the situation and I’d have Dave kicked out within 5 seconds!

Renee later meets at a support group and reveals that Junior tried to overmedicate her during her recovery from her plastic surgery. Junior is horrible. He’s a horrible man and it’s sickening. Renee just has many problems and I genuinely hope she finds happiness in her life. Renee moves into her new house which looks amazing!

Drita is getting ready for her visit with Lee and you can tell she’s anxious. It’s clear Drita still loves Lee and I’m excited because I have high hopes the two will find there way back together. I’m happy because I think that’s what Drita’s children want and what can be more amazing then seeing happy children?

Karen and Ramona later meet at the car wash. Are these girls kidding? What’s up with this car wash? Karen tells Ramona that Dave has a girlfriend and what Karina told her. Ramona is in disbelief just like any of us would be.

Aj and Renee are all settled in at there new crib when Renee has a sit down with her son. She tells AJ she has decided to go to rehab. AJ says he supports her and understands that she has been through a lot. He assures her that he’s on her side which is a sweet and comforting gesture.

What were your thoughts on Sunday’s episode of Mob Wives? Are you surprised about Dave’s new girlfriend? Thoughts on what Love revealed about Carla? Let’s Discuss!

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