RHOA Recap: Phaedra Bumps Heads With Cynthia And Kenya Over Donkey Booty Video!


This week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta was quite awkward and dramatic. Finally, no more Walter vs. Kenya! However, Phaedra and Apollo bumped heads with Cynthia and Kenya when they seek out their services for their donkey booty workout DVD.

The big issue began when Phaedra tried seeking out Kenya Moore’s production company to produce her and Apollo’s workout DVD. Kenya suggests a $100,000 budget for the filming and producing, and also a 10% request of all the back end profits as producer of the DVD. Phaedra is advised by her attorney not to sign any deals with Kenya with a budget like that. They also question whether Kenya needs all those back end profits.

Phaedra reaches out to Kandi’s boyfriend Todd since he is also involved in production! Todd reveals to Phaedra that Kenya is setting too high of a budget for a workout DVD. Phaedra counters Kenya’s 10% with 0% and this is when the sh*t hits the fan!

Kenya gets really upset and thinks that Phaedra wants her to work for free. She tries talking to Todd at his birthday party about what he and Phaedra discussed but Kandi is not having this conversation at her man’s birthday celebration. Go Kandi!

It’s time for the donkey booty workout DVD casting and of course, Cynthia’s Bailey Agency is put to use for it. It’s the day of the casting but Cynthia has cancelled it because she did not have any word from Phaedra about it! Word meaning, no talk about how much she would be paid for doing the casting. Kenya also arrives and she is planning to break the news to Phaedra that she quits the donkey booty DVD.

Phaedra arrives and the ladies reveal to her that they are not going to move forward unless they are paid, because they don’t work for free. Phaedra is like, ‘whoa! Slavery is over. I was not expecting free work!’ or something along those lines. Kenya goes off about not getting what she expected and Phaedra sticks to her guns and sticks by her decision to negotiate before striking a deal. Kenya storms off in true, crazy Kenya style.

Cynthia, being a little more classy about things, just tells Phaedra that she did not have enough information and that she had cancelled the casting after Phaedra sent out a random tweet to the world to show up to the Bailey Agency.

And that’s why we don’t do business within the Housewives! Did we not learn anything from Kim and Kandi with “Tardy for the Party”?!

As for the other Housewives this week, I will give you a quick rundown of what happened with them:
NeNe: NeNe is now an LA girl splitting her time between the west coast and east coast! She has arrived in LA with her boyfriend/ex-husband and her son Brent. The family is moving into their new Hollywood Hills home and I have one question – does Gregg truly work or is he just the new Slade?

NeNe is stressed adjusting with her early call times on the set of The New Normal, and it’s nice that she has a true support system in Gregg!

Kandi: Kandi and Todd are still going strong and like I’ve said before, it makes me happy to see Kandi be truly happy in a healthy and great relationship! Kandi flew Todd over to a restaurant via helicopter for his birthday, to surprise him with a party filled with all their friends and family and one big surprise – Todd’s mom who Kandy especially flew in, bringing Todd to tears. They are so cute! Wedding please.

Kenya: Kenya is officially done with Walter after their fake, scripted fishing trip break up. She reveals the news to her Aunt Lori and her cousin Che. Kenya is very upset that things did not end well, and Che tells her that rumor has it Walter is gay. So, there’s that.

Porsha: I don’t know about this, but Porsha really needs to step up her game if she wants to stick around. By stick her game up, I mean she really needs to be filmed doing things more interesting than being lovey dovey with her husband and cooking for him in the kitchen, or rock climbing with her sister, or…well you get the point. She is the Yolanda of RHOA. Did Bravo drop the casting ball with these new girls?

Let’s discuss this week’s episode! Do you side with Phaedra or Kenya in Donkey-Booty-Gate?! (Oh gosh, I really just typed that…)

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