Mob Wives Recap: Bad Boys And More Changes!


I’m really loving Mob Wives so far. It’s entertaining and loaded with a bunch of crazies! Nothing crazy interesting happened in Sunday’s episode but that’s even more why I love it. Nothing crazy has to happen and I’m still staring straight at the TV focused on everything that’s happening.

On Sunday’s episode, Drita contemplates whether she would get back with her ex Lee or not. Lee cheated on her and she’s still bitter by it but when he calls her while she’s having lunch with Big Ang and Carla, she seems more than happy to talk to him. She’s all smiles and you could tell she really misses him. Lee asks her to bring the girls and visit him in jail and she actually wants to do it which is shocking considering she wanted nothing to do with him last season.

We are introduced to Carla’s current husband Joe’s girlfriend Raquel in this episode. I don’t know how I feel about Raquel. She is obviously younger and plans on moving in Joe’s place. Carla never thought Joe and Raquel would go this far so now that they have she’s surprised and taken back. Can we pause and talk about how good looking Joe is? It’s not very surprising that younger girls are going after him but I get Carla’s concern. It’s a little bit odd that a younger girl in her early twenties is going for a father of two who is still married and just came out of jail after being in there for 6 years. Joe plans on having Raquel move in with her. He compares Raquel and Carla together and think they are both very different and that Carla always wants to argue while Raquel is the opposite. What Joe doesn’t realize is that Raquel just came in the picture. Carla was there while she lost her husband when he went to jail and has been cheated on by him several times. They’ve also been in each others lives for a lot longer so obviously Carla’s tone will be different then Raquels. I think Raquel is also excited to get the air time from what I can see on her twitter feed.

Renee is still very emotional and decides not to attend court to hear about her fathers sentencing. Instead AJ goes and comes back informing Renee what her father said and how he still loves them despite what Junior did. Ever since Renee got a break in, she wants to move out of her house and is looking for a new place to live. She brings Karen along and is extra picky with just about everything leaving Karen to tell her to just relax a little.

Big Ang throws a Botox party and Carla decides not to come because she doesn’t want drama. Later on we see Renee get a threatening letter from Junior which freaks her out. No wonder Renee is all kinds of crazy. She’s always dealing with some type of BS!

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