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RHOBH Recap: Brandi Faces The Other Woman!

Finally! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back on air after they went MIA for a few weeks because of the holidays! Monday’s episode continues at the Dinner Party from hell! I’m over this whole situation so when I saw that it was continued I was a bit annoyed.

Faye feels like she should call out Brandi for what she did to Adrienne because of how hurt Adrienne got. Faye has no business talking about anything regarding Adrienne because she wasn’t there and she doesn’t even know Brandi! Brandi ends up leaving crying while Kyle goes to check on her after Lisa tells her too! Kyle doesn’t want Brandi to leave crying but Brandi has had enough. Brandi goes home.

The next day Kyle and Marisa are working out together when Kyle tells Marisa that although she witnessed drama, the girls could be a lot of fun. Kyle also believes that Brandi isn’t sorry about what she did regarding Adrienne despite Brandi telling Kyle she feels horrible about it. Thought it was interesting of Kyle to say considering Faye said the exact same thing yesterday. It’s clear Faye gets her 411 from Kyle and the two have the same opinion regarding Brandi. Kyle just knows better not to express it while Faye can care less!

Taylor Armstrong has finally settled her case and in exchange she had to give away her wedding ring from Russell. That must have hurt and although I’m not the biggest fan of Taylor’s I did feel bad.

Now let’s discuss the juicy part of the whole episode! Brandi Glanville finally faces Scheana Marie AKA the other woman! Scheana had a two year relationship with Brandi’s ex Eddie Cibrian while Brandi was still married to him and pregnant with their second child! Scheana claims she had no idea Eddie was married and later just believed his lies. Honestly Scheana is probably the biggest moron to live on this earth but I blame Eddie. Eddie was the one married. Eddie is the father and Eddie is the one who lied and lied and continued to lie.

I feel like Brandi handled everything pretty well. I’d probably jump Scheana and scream that she is the reason girls have such bad names! Brandi finds out that Scheana and Eddie hung out a lot more than she thought and that Eddie even met Scheana’s mother. Ouch! What the hell is Eddie thinking? He obviously has no respect for the mother of his children. My heart broke when Brandi broke down and admitted that regardless of what Eddie has done to Brandi she refuses to talk badly about him to her children. Now that’s a real woman!

In the end, Brandi accepts Scheana’s apology and Scheana is thrilled. Honestly I just felt like Scheana wanted some film time so that’s why she randomly decided to apologize to Brandi. It’s quite clear she’s a fame whore and will do anything to get her 15 minutes!

How do you think Brandi handled the situation? Thoughts on the episode? Let’s Discuss!

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