Mob Wives Recap: Renee Graziano VS Carla Facciolo!


Mob Wives is baaaaccckkkkk and to say I’m happy about this is an understatement! This show defines crazy! All types of crazy things constantly happen! I never got into Mob Wives Chicago (thankfully) because it looked stupid and just like I expected it cancelled after the first season aired. But Mob Wives Staten Island is on a whole different level!

Mob Wives begin with Drita and Carla walking along on the boardwalk and Carla says that Big Ang’s son is back in rehab for drug dealing. She also is now hearing that Renee has an issue with her. Honestly Renee is just too much for me. I think she’s making Carla a target and absolutely loves drama. Her sister is producing the show and she know’s that fools like me love watching drama filled shows so she brings the drama any way that she can! While Carla talks about Renee and how she’s on pills, Drita is feeling uncomfortable because Drita finally doesn’t have drama with Renee.

Speaking of Renee. We see her changing the locks because of a break-in she had which she believes is one of Junior’s friends. Renee is now worried and feels like she needs a gun to protect herself and explains that to her son AJ. He blows her off and Renee goes on a rant dissing her former husband Junior. AJ acknowledges what Junior did was wrong but doesn’t like hearing Renee constantly bash him. I come from a divorce family and nothing I hated more was hearing my mother bash my father. We then meet the newest Mob Wife Love. Love knows Karen, Ramona, and Big Ang. Love is at Big Ang’s place and is gossiping about the drama between Renee and Carla. Love and Renee have a past. Renee accused Love of sleeping with Junior. Let’s be real. Who hasn’t Renee accused of sleeping with Junior or with anyone for that matter? Love is all kinds of crazy and seems happy about it!

Drita and Renee go out for some drinks when Renee bashes Carla yet again explaining that she hit on her friends boyfriend at a party. Drita obviously doesn’t like the fact that Renee is talking about her best friend to her. Drita wants the girls to meet and tells Renee Carla called her a junkie. Wrong move! Renee is now even crazier than she was 2 seconds ago and is ready to see Carla.

Unfortunately we are then shown Ramona who is having some family time with her daughters. Ramona reveals that she will be moving into an apartment because her boyfriend is in prison and is selling his home that they are currently living in.

So a brunch ends up happening at Big Ang’s house so Carla and Renee can settle their differences. As if that’s really going to happen! Renee is so upset with Carla for talking to a guy at a club who had a boyfriend. The whole argument is just stupid! Who cares who Carla talks too? And if the boyfriend is with his girl, why is he talking to Carla? Shouldn’t they be mad at the guy not Carla? Carla addresses that she did talk to the guy but that’s all it was because Carla talks to everyone. Renee can’t believe Carla would talk to a guy who’s with a girl. This has got to be a joke! Renee calls out Carla for calling her junkie and Carla doesn’t deny saying this. Big Ang doesn’t like the term junkie so they all stop saying it. They then argue about a twitter war Carla and Renee’s son AJ had. Bla bla bla. This all could be avoided but again I feel like Renee lives for this drama! Some how they agree that they are going to stop speaking about each other and remain civil..yea. Like that’s going to happen!

So far a great premiere episode! Looking forward to what’s next! What were your thoughts on all the drama? Let’s Discuss!

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