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RHOM Reunion: Part Two Recap! Alexia And Mama Elsa Join The Ladies

On the second part of the Real Housewives of Miami reunion, things start with Andy discussing Joanna chasing Adriana down the hallway at Lisa’s lingerie party. Joanna says she was called a wannabe by Adriana, got extremely ticked off and wanted to finish the conversation, but regrets chasing her because of how it ended – in the infamous bitch slap.

Andy asks Karent if she felt responsible at all for that fight. Karent says she doesn’t because the famous article, where Karent allegedly bashed the cast (fame whores with botox for brains, etc.) were not her words. Adriana takes responsibility and apologizes to Karent, especially because the blogger vouched for Karent. Kudos to Adriana for being a lady.

At that party, Joe Francis also showed up and accused Joanna and Marta of both sleeping with him. Joanna denies ever sleeping with Joe Francis. Adriana says Joe gave her the whole scoop about how he put Joanna on TV and that she was a hooker when she was trying to come up in the entertainment industry. Joanna denies all this and says not to believe a criminal.

Ana jumps in and says Lea brought Joe to the lingerie party as a prop. Lea gets up (again) and slams Ana for accusing her of using people as props.

Lisa feels that she was disrespected at her own party. Joanna and Adriana apologize to Lisa, but Lisa feels it’s a little overdue of an apology. Joanna sets the record straight about the call girl rumors and says the images used on the escort site were taken illegally from her Maxim shoot. So there we have it, Joanna was never a hooker.

Lea says that her friends (Joe) do say wrongful things and that she doesn’t condone it. She goes into some legal mumbo-jumbo and says no one should say things like that if they’re not under oath. Ana jumps in again and insinuates that Lea had to have known Joe Francis would come to the party to make the accusations about Joanna.

Lea jumps out of her seat again, and why hasn’t Andy put a seat belt on her yet? The two get into an argument for the 23981st time. Lea says Ana is making gratuitous, false accusations against her. Ana snarks Lea non-stop with comments about her age, and Lea retaliates by calling her the most boring person on the show.

The “Cuban Barbie”, Alexia, joins Andy and the ladies. They discuss Frankie’s recovery after the accident that almost claimed his life, and Alexia is just so happy that her son is walking, eating, talking, etc. Frankie was supposed to be in a vegetated state for the rest of his life, that’s IF he made it, and Alexia feels very blessed.

The ladies are in tears and everyone is showing support to Alexia which is a nice change of pace at this reunion. Peter, Alexia’s older son, was recently arrested. Alexia says he is introverted and quiet and Frankie’s accident may have triggered him to act out in a way that he would assault a homeless man.

I understand Alexia is defending her son, but he posted a video of it online and seemed to have done in trying to be funny, and not out of anger or any other high-strung emotions.

Alexia says Peter will pay for this for the rest of his life and that he is very sorry and harmless. Adriana chimes in and says maybe this was just Peter expressing his bottled up emotions. Umm, still not buying it.

Karent is brought up because of Alexia’s argument with her at the Venue party. Alexia was basically upset that Karent brought Frankie up because she had never bothered to ask how he was doing. Alexia says Rodolfo visited at the hospital but Karent did not, or something. (Alexia knows Rodolfo because he has been featured in her magazine.)

Speaking of which, Karent is the next topic of conversation and how she got under nearly everyone’s skin with her annoying social behavior. Andy asks her about her “carrier pigeon”-like behavior. Karent says she is not a gossip spreader but she is just loyal to her friends and wants to nip rumors in the bud when she hears them.

Alexia says she was annoyed by Karent faking her relationship with Rodolfo. Lea stands up for Karent and says that yes, the girls were annoyed by Karent throughout the season but she did not think Karent deserved the backlash from everyone. I agree with Lea.

Bimini comes up and Alexia bringing up the article with Rodolfo’s new girlfriend, who he was cheating with. Lisa thinks that the Cuban girls did it to get satisfaction out of seeing Karent squirm and called out in front of the whole group. Alexia and Ana fire back at Lisa and say that they did not do that to embarrass Karent.

Poor Lisa is trying to get a word in and Alexia and Ana don’t allow her. Alexia, who I typically like, is really bitter and angry. And for what? The issues they are arguing about don’t directly affect her life, so why all the nastiness?

Alexia continues that she would never say anyone’s husband is gay and spread those rumors. Joanna did bring up these rumors, but she did not start them. She was just pointing out that there were rumors, which is exactly what Alexia did to Karent as well. I am not a fan of Alexia right now!

Lea gets up and says that rumors need to stop because once those things get thrown out, they are going to stick. Marysol calls Lea out and slams her for planting a seed that she married Phillipe to get him a green card. Lea says she was just joking or whatever, but Marysol is offended about those comments.

Andy turns to Lisa and asks about her life before Lenny. She says she did some modeling, not on Joanna’s capacity, but that she was trying. I just love Lisa! She’s so humble and her personality is very down to earth. No pretense, despite what her image might tell you at first.

Mama Elsa joins the couch! We start with a priceless film package showcasing Elsa’s most epic moments this season. Mama Elsa comes for Joanna and says she is offended that Joanna called her a prostitute. Everyone is like, “WTF?” It turns out Joanna called her the devil and that’s what Elsa was talking about. When Karent tries sticking up for Joanna she asks her, number three, to shut it!

Elsa goes through a series of Q&A with Andy and it’s just pure gold, pure entertainment but nothing too crucial to the show. Elsa reveals that she has a grandson, is in the middle of a divorce, but refuses to talk about her spiritual powers in this group because they are not spiritual enough. Andy even asks her a question I submitted to him on Facebook! It was quite exciting for me! : |

The ladies wrap up and Joanna and Adriana are still wedding planning. Lisa is still not giving up and looks forward to starting a family. Karent is living day to day and not with Rodolfo anymore. Lea feels mistreated and is forgiving, but will not forget.

And that’s the end of RHOM for this season! I am quite sad to see it go, because I really grew to like the show a lot and liked the ladies. Here’s to wishing they renew it for a third season!

Let’s discuss the episode! What did you think of the second part of the RHOM reunion? Did you feel that Alexia’s bitterness was warranted? Did Ana take it too far with Lea?


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