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RHOA Recap: Apollo & Phaedra NOT Divorcing, Plus, Kenya and Walter Break-Up…Sort Of

Real Housewives of Atlanta this week begins with NeNe meeting up with Kenya for lunch. Kenya needs to talk about the status of her relationship. She basically does not understand, yet still, why Walter won’t marry her. I’m getting over this storyline already.

Kenya thinks she is ready for marriage but now she’s not sure if Walter is the one because of how he acted in Anguilla, where he blew up about Kenya torturing him to marry her. NeNe tells Kenya that there’s plenty of women who are single and are fine, and if she wants a baby she can still have one without being married to a man. New Normal subliminal plug?

Nene concludes that Kenya is delusional and that Walter is just not that into Kenya.

In the next scene, Porsha hosts a get together with Cynthia and Kandi post-Anguilla. After trying to remember how many rooms her huge mansion has and not remembering, Porsha and the girls talk Kenya, of course. But not before discussing that she has been eating yams because they make you get pregnant with twins! I can’t with Porsha’s sheer ignorance, but she’s nice and so happy so I can’t totally hate her.

Cynthia and her husband go out grocery shopping. Peter gets a text on his phone about how a blog has reported that Phaedra and Apollo are getting divorced soon. This isn’t scripted at all (sarcasm). Cynthia and Peter attribute this divorce to Apollo’s passion for the strip club. They think maybe Apollo feels like he is missing out on some fun and that’s why he seeks strippers and now wants out of his marriage.

Peter and Cynthia decide to invite Apollo and Phaedra to a strip club to try and see what is going on with this. Ummm…sure.

At Kandi’s house, Phaedra complains that Apollo doesn’t do dishes and some other trivial, typical wife complaints. At a donkey booty meeting with Kenya, the couple also bickers. It seems like tactical Bravo editing to play up this divorce story line and it’s really boring.

Phaedra does take the opportunity to hint at Todd getting Kandi a ring. I really hope they announce an engagement soon. They are so adorable together!

Kenya meets with Walter to discuss the direction they are headed in. After basically breaking up in Anguilla, they are discussing what happened. Walter says he basically feels like he is being pressured into marrying Kenya. OH REALLY?!

Kenya tells us she is not a girlfriend, she’s a wife, and deserves a ring. Walter disagrees. He says he loves Kenya but is not ready to marry her. Kenya leaves and is obviously sad. Please let this be the last we see of this fake relationship for the rest of the season!

Now we are the strip club with Phaedra and Apollo, and Cynthia and Peter. It’s not exactly your typical strip club with 19 year old single moms, rail thin with fake implants. Let me just paint a pretty picture: it was as if Mama June of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and friends took over the strip club on this evening.

It was a sight to be seen, by who knows who! Not me. Overweight, past-middle-aged women are flopping around on the pole in the background as Apollo talks about how he’s lost a sense of who he is, and just wants to go back to the funny individual he was. Bravo wants to make it seem like he wants a divorce to go back to being himself but honestly, it sounds like NOTHING.

Phaedra just looks at Apollo like ‘WTF?’ and continues cheering on the blubbery strippers which is hilarious. I’m having a hard time caring about this episode because Phaedra and Apollo just announced that their second baby is on the way so I know this episode is now rendered useless.

NeNe heads to do the cover shoot for Ebony, which she poses for in a gown made of dollar bills. Tacky, but so NeNe!

The ladies and their men have a night out at Bar One, Peter and Cynthia’s bar, and Phaedra and Apollo tell the world that their sex life is so amazing and then have a little PDA with tongue swirling for the world to see. I guess all is well in Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage. What a pathetic attempt by the producers for a filler episode.

Porsha tries making up with Kenya but Kenya pays her no mind and tells her that she will be polite and cordial but that’s it, then she sashays away leaving Porsha behind.

Kenya storms out because Walter ignored her pretty much. Is this the end of us watching this, finally? Nope. Next week, more about Kenya and Walter’s breakup.

I was loving this season of RHOA, but now I’m a little disappointed by the over-involvement of the men. A little is nice, but I feel like it’s too much now.

Thoughts on the episode? When do you think the Kenya and Walter BS will end?! Thoughts on the pathetic attempt at the divorce storyline?

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