AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Danielle Staub To Be Featured In 4 Episodes Of RHONJ Season 5


Well I have some exciting news RHONJ fans! Things are going to get crazy because former RHONJ star Danielle Staub will be returning to the hit show and is getting paid to be featured in 4 episodes! An insider close to the RHONJ cast tell AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY that this is fact and is happening, “Danielle will be featured in only 4 episodes on season 5’s RHONJ and everyone has to film with her regardless if they don’t want too! No one is afraid to film with her and Melissa can care less that Danielle will be returning.”

The insider adds, “Danielle and Melissa’s feud is so long ago and Danielle has no proof that the two even communicated. They did communicate, however, Danielle has been contacted by several magazine outlets to put out the messages with Danielle and Melissa but Danielle had already deleted them.”

Why did Danielle leave the hit show in the first place? My insider reveals, “Danielle did not leave the show. She was fired. When she brought those men from jail to Brownstone, Jacqueline and Caroline went to producers claiming that she brought harm to them and their children. They told producers they would leave the show if she stayed so she was then fired.”

The insider continues, “because Danielle’s name keeps getting brought up on RHONJ, producers and Andy thought it be a good idea to bring her back. And so they contacted her and she agreed to be featured in 4 of the episodes!”

Interesting! I don’t really care for Danielle to come back but I do know it’ll be ratings gold! There you have it-it is confirmed Danielle Staub IS in fact coming back next season! Are you excited?

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