Kenya Moore Seeks Litigation Against Blogger For Exposing The Truth About Her Atlanta House!


Kenya Moore is the newcomer to Real Housewives of Atlanta who coincidentally moved to Atlanta, Georgia just in time to get cast on the hit series. When rumors first swirled about Kenya joining the cast, many noticed that she had been living in LA and questioned if Bravo had really stooped to a new low by having a Housewife relocate just to film the show.

Kenya Moore revealed on the show that she had gotten her Atlanta house in Roswell, GA, but it seems that this might be another lie from the former Miss USA! Funky Dineva has obtained a copy of a check that Kenya used to pay her monthly $4,000 rent on the Atlanta house. You can view the check HERE.

Funky Dineva pulled up home owner records and turns out the addresses match. Kenya Moore obviously went crazy at this exposing of her lies, so she has delivered a statement threatening litigation! Kenya wrote to the blog and said the following:

As a result of your client, Quentin Latham, posting a stolen check of mine online on his website located at :, He has since redacted the full address from his initial posting online which we have as evidence, he and his accomplices have broken several laws punishable by jail time.

I have spoken to my attorneys and have filed a police report and will be speaking to the DA tomorrow to proceed with Criminal prosecution of Invasion of Privacy, bank fraud and a civil lawsuit. The first two 2 charges mandate jail time if found guilty.

As a result of this breach of my security and criminal theft by conversion, my bank accounts have been compromised and hacked.
My life and my personal security is not a joke and I will prosecute these relentless and ignorant common criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

Not sure how the legalities of all this work, but everything seems to be public record and there is no account number or further information on the picture of that check! All that Kenya has accomplished by scaring this blogger is dig a deeper hole for herself. She basically validated the information that was exposed, all by herself. No denying, just some scare tactics via big, legal words.

I was starting to appreciate Kenya on RHOA for her craziness, but now it’s starting to look like she’s just a big old fraud. How will we get through a season of seeing her be a lie on TV?

Oh Kenya…


What do you think of this information that surfaced about Kenya?

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