RHOBH Recap: Adrienne And Paul Go At It With Brandi Glanville!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is about to get c-r-a-z-y! The housewives promised us an epic season and I can sense the drama is finally going to really unload! On Monday’s episode Adrienne Maloof and her hubby Paul Nassif get into it with their former friend Brandi Glanville!

A lot of little things happened in the episode but I want to get to the main point! The dramz that went down that could have totally been avoided! Lisa Vanderpump and hubby Kenn Todd invite some of the ladies to a tasting for SUR. SUR has been getting featured a lot throughout RHOBH probably because producers want viewers to get excited and watch Lisa’s spinoff show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ that focuses on the employees that work at SUR. Moving along, Brandi, Taylor, Kyle all show up and Lisa has a beautiful set out ready for them to try all the yummy food that just makes my mouth melt.

The gang is conversating when Adrienne’s name gets brought up. Kyle Richards asks Lisa if Adrienne was invited and Lisa responds that she was but is busy while Brandi jokes that she is working on her “made up” book deal. Brandi tells the table that her agent looked into Adrienne’s supposed book deal and apparently she doesn’t even have one! They all stop speaking about Adrienne when Kyle brings her up AGAIN and asks Brandi what really went down with her and Adrienne. Producers edited the scene to make it look like Brandi kept rambling about Adrienne while no one said anything. Here’s my thing. If Kyle was my friend, I wouldn’t want her to bring up my name ever in front of my enemies. Instead, I’d want her to only say something if she was sticking up for me because that’s what friends do.

Brandi accuses Adrienne of being a liar and then drops a bomb except we don’t know what that bomb is because producers edited it out. Why the hell do producers think it’s okay to air all of that and leave out the most important part? These housewives signed up to be on TV so I don’t agree that it’s fair that producers decided to listen to Adrienne and leave out the “big bomb” that everyone keeps talking about. Kim mainly feels uncomfortable but says nothing.

Adrienne is back at home and having a barbecue with her family. Adrienne makes sure to note that the only important thing to her is her family. None of this makes sense because not even a month later that this was taped, Adrienne filed for divorce from Paul.

Kyle is having a big event for Mauricio who just opened his own agency! There are going to be tons of people there to support Mauricio and many clients. Kyle invites the housewives and everything seems to be going well. That’s when Kim Richards feels the need to take Paul and Adrienne aside and tell them about what Brandi said because you know, that was such an appropriate place to do so. And you know, Adrienne or Paul wouldn’t react to a “bomb” that producers won’t even air on television! Kim explains that Brandi called Adrienne a liar and said something about her family. Again, we don’t know what was said because producers wouldn’t air it. Paul immediately loses it like any man would when hearing someone talk about his family. Without confronting Brandi, Adrienne says that Brandi will be seeing a lawsuit!

A lawsuit? C’mon all these housewives talk bad about one another and throw out rumors so the lawsuit comment is a bit odd especially since Adrienne knows Brandi has no money! Paul and Adrienne want to leave! They go up to Kyle and Mauricio and tell them they are leaving and Paul makes sure to say that the “bitch” who’s standing not even a feet away from him is talking about his family. Brandi obviously hears and calls out Paul for talking about her. The two go at it and Adrienne gets involved. Again, this is all happening at an event for Mauricio! If Kim had any respect for her brother-in-law she would not have told Adrienne and Paul what Brandi said at his event. It was rude and this was not the place! I’m really liking Kim this season but she was totally in the wrong! The whole thing was so unprofessional and just looked bad on Mauricio’s end and he wasn’t even involved! Before Adrienne and Paul leave, Adrienne screams that Brandi sleeps till 3pm in the afternoon every day and doesn’t take care of her children. Adrienne knows that bringing up Brandi’s children is a sensitive subject for her but it’s how she chose to react.

I’m not saying Brandi was right in this situation. I’m saying that Adrienne shouldn’t do or throw out things when she doesn’t like when things are thrown out at her! The episode ends and next week Mauricio puts his foot down saying he has had enough of Kim being disrespectful!

So now let’s talk about the “bomb” Brandi dropped. I think it’s unfair that it was cut out but believe it may be one of these two things. Either Brandi claimed that Adrienne had a surrogate pregnancy or that the relationship between Adrienne and Paul isn’t real! What do you think it is?

Best part of the episode: Watching the love Lisa has for Ken was the sweetest thing. I love these two as a couple!

Let’s Discuss! What were your thoughts on the episode?

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