Camille Grammer Opens Up About Co-Parenting Challenges

Yup, you read that right. Kelsey Grammer won’t allow his children with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer to say her name while they are in his home! In the words of Teresa Giudice: Are you kidding me? People is reporting that during Camille’s appearance on Anderson Live today, she spoke up regarding the zero communication Kelsey has with her even when it comes to their co-parenting. Apparently, Kelsey hates Camille so much that the two children can’t even speak her name when in his presence. Camille dishes, “They’re not allowed to same my name in the house. These poor kids, my daughter and my son, can’t say my name in their father’s house. I think they can say ‘Mom’ or ‘The other household.’ But they can’t say my name. They can’t say ‘Camille.’ “ Camille tried taking legal action against this stupid decision by Kelsey but there wasn’t anything she could do because their custody had already been settled. Camille admits, “I said, ‘What’s my recourse in this? What do I do as a parent?’ It must be stressful for them to not be able to say their mother’s name. But there is no recourse because we already settled our custody.” Camille is upset that Kelsey refuses to speak directly to her and thinks it’s ridiculous that they are spending a fortune paying lawyers to be their middlemen when discussing the kids. Camille adds, “It’s very difficult to co-parent with somebody that won’t speak to you, text you or email you. I’ve reached out to him. I think it’s very important to be amicable to raise children, and he refuses to. There’s just so much I can do at this point.” Although Kelsey is already married to his mistress and they have another child, he is still not divorced from Camille because he won’t sign the papers! Is this even possible? I was unaware. Do you think Kelsey is wrong in preventing his kids from naming their mother? Surely it has to be stressful on the kids and make them sad that their parents can’t get along. GIF CREDIT:

Kelsey Grammer has a strong dislike for Camille Grammer and has forbidden their children from saying her name in his presence.

Camille Grammer attempted to take legal action against Kelsey’s decision, but unfortunately, their custody arrangements had already been settled, leaving her with no recourse.

 Camille finds it challenging to co-parent with Kelsey because he refuses to communicate directly with her. This lack of communication has led to the need for expensive lawyers to act as intermediaries when discussing matters related to their children.

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