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RHOA Recap: The Girls Leave For Anguilla But Kenya’s Crazy Antics Follow Them

We’re back at the restaurant with the not so peaceful brunch. The Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies are in the middle of confronting Kim and her lame excuses for bailing on them for Anguilla. Kim walks away and all the girls are done with her. Kroy happens to be waiting for Kim outside. Kim pushes the camera man away from her car and then Kroy comes up to them threatening them!

A producer is heard asking Kroy not to touch the cameras but he keeps cursing and acting like the crew are a bunch of thugs. Kim says she’s fed up, is in a different place and she doesn’t want to focus on RHOA. Also, she’s realized none of the ladies are her friends. ‘Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you – right up your ass!,’ says NeNe.

Just a few questions come to mind – why would Kim invite them to her wedding, then? Also, was Kroy just waiting outside in the car until Kim was done filming? Was this exit scripted? Hmmm…

The girls are over Kim and carry on with their lunch. They ask about Walter and Kandi reveals she knows Walter. Well duh, he already told us he tried asking her out before. Kenya says she likes Kandi so she’s over it. As soon as Kim storms off the girls are all laughs and it’s nice to see them all have a good time together for once. This is a rarity for the ATL ‘wives!

Mama Joyce comes to Kandi’s house and she tries to see how everything is going now that Kandi is living with her new man. Kandi says Joyce usually never likes the guys she dates, but Joyce likes Todd and Kandi reaaaaally likes Todd so this one seems to be the perfect fit!

Kandi talks about the Kim drama that just happened, and Joyce just concludes that Kim’s world is about Kim and that’s it. Wise words and very true, obviously!

Cynthia and Peter are taking Porsha and Kordell to dinner and Peter is fangirling over Kordell so badly since he’s a fan of his football career. Kordell doesn’t show up and Peter is let down. Cynthia and Porsha talk about how she met Kordell and then Cynthia invites them on the Anguilla trip.

Cynthia says she doesn’t normally invite people she barely knows on trips but Porsha hates Kenya, as does Cynthia, so she likes Porsha. Duh. In other words, Bravo is asking the whole cast to be involved in the trip which is why Porsha is invited and also why Kenya “invited herself”. These little scripting elements really irk me! Why go out of your way to lie, Bravo?

It’s time to depart for the island and everyone is gathering at the airport. Kandi arrives alone because Todd said he couldn’t come. She also meets Porsha for the first time. Todd magically appears and surprises Kandi!

Everyone boards the plane and Kenya reveals that she is wondering if someone will get proposed to on the trip! Someone meaning herself. And now I’m convinced she is faking this Walter story line. She can’t be that delusional, right? Who knows! We will find out.

The ladies get on a boat that will take them to their location. Someone let Kenya drive the boat so naturally it becomes a sh*t show. Kenya speeds and the ladies are going crazy because hello, their weaves, wind, and water. Everybody knows the three don’t mix.

Everyone gets on a janky little bus and heads to the resort except NeNe and Cynthia get in a town car, because NeNe is fabulous and so why would she ride that peasantly bus? She’s a Hollywood actress now. Kenya continues embarrassing herself on the bus by begging to get proposed to. Walter could not be any les interested, as per usual.

We are the Diamond International and it’s stunning! Nothing like a fancy resort in paradise – the perfect setting for a Housewives bitchfest. Room assignments are checked off the itinerary and Kenya is bitching about no bathtub in her room and no closet. She is staring at the gorgeous views and says she is not happy. Someone shoot me in the face. This chick is getting on my nerves and I don’t know why I am allowing it.

Phaedra says she is not going in the hot tub because of the bacteria and infections that could get caught in her “honey pie”. I AM DEAD. Phaedra is so freakin’ hilarious. Apollo gets the doctor on the phone and he confirms that hot tubs and private areas can be a bad idea, so basically keep it clean. Gross, yet hilarious.

Cynthia and Peter talk about how it’s their first vacation alone since their marriage and I’m bored. I don’t see the spark here. Bravo luckily cuts off the scene before it gets into Joe Gorga territory.

Everyone is hanging out at the pool and Kenya’s crazy ass pushes Apollo in the pool. Here we go with the flirting with the married man. Apollo gets out and grabs Kenya, by the ASS, mind you, and throws her in the pool. Phaedra is making faces of disapproval and she’s clearly bothered.

Kenya tells the camera she has no shame in her game by getting flirty with Apollo. I think both parties here are guilty, but that’s just me!

In the morning, Phaedra comes down to the table in a g-string and a mesh cover up. The donkey booty is on display! Is this her means of keeping Apollo’s attention away from Kenya? It seems to be working because all eyes are on the infamous donkey booty.

All the couples hop on a boat and come to some other island. All the couples break off individually and Kenya takes the chance to harass Walter some more. She asks him to elope and he nearly chokes to death. Is this bitch for real? Is she blind? Did that Miss USA crown squeeze too tight and damage her brain? Walter dodges the topic and tells her anything to shut her up.

Phaedra organized a cultural extravaganza, and organized a performance by some island dancers. The ladies join the dancers and Kenya inappropriately grinds all over Peter! What a pig. Walter just sits on the couch. NeNe has had too much to drink and she gets up to dance. It’s nice to see her getting loose and she even teaches the girls some moves from her stripper days! I love seeing NeNe drop her guard and be funny.

Kenya throws herself at the hotel manager even though Walter is sitting right there. Kenya brings up donations of sperms and I am just done. Someone commit this crazy woman as soon as possible.

She then proceeds to ask Phaedra, “if you gave Apollo a birthday present and it involved two of your friends, who would it be?” Is she for real? How flat out disrespectful! Kenya’s crazy is too much too soon. I’m over her psychotic, troubled, bipolar ass.

Let’s discuss the episode! Do you think Kim and Kroy went overboard with how they treated the crew? Is Apollo just as guilty as Kenya is for the blatant flirting?

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