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RHOM Recap: Housewives Head to Bimini & Drop A Bomb On Karent!

It’s the day of the girls departure to the Bahamas, and things begin with Mama Elsa and Marysol in bed. Elsa has spent the night at Marysol’s apartment and she goes off on a rant because she’s freezing. I DIE. I can watch Mama Elsa all freaking day. Marysol turns up the AC at night to freeze her youthful looks. Does this really work, because if so I need to start. (I mean I turn 24 next month. JK!) Also, not to be rude but I think this ship has sailed for Elsa. Anyway, Elsa predicts that the trip will be full of gloom and that the girls will be separated, and no bonding is going to happen while they’re away.

Joanna is packing and Romain wants to come on the trip but she says it’s a girls trip and he can’t come. The two are still trying to make their relationship work, but Joanna says she is having issues getting over the e-mails and texts that Romain was exchanging with his whore on the side. Joanna says she wants to take the time in Bimini to learn if she truly wants to spend the rest of her life with Romain. Gosh, these two…

Lea gets some hats from James/Elaine for the trip. James/Elaine is over at Lea’s and he tells her about his/her encounter with Marysol and their civil discussion where they put their drama to rest. Lea says Marysol is not accountable for her actions. Whatever. I’m over that storyline because Elaine is NOT a Housewife, and I’m just thankful Elaine is NOT coming on this trip!

The ladies all arrive at the airport and everything is fine and dandy. Adriana has overpacked and all the ladies are making such a big deal out of it because surprisingly they all underpacked. While Adriana packed her entire closet, she forgot something very crucial to the trip! Her passport – and Lea is annoyed. Adriana leaves to get her passport and the ladies pretty much decide that they’re leaving her behind. Maybe that janky yacht her fiancé bought her is now finished and she can head to Bimini in that!

The women board their private jet and I’m sad that Elsa isn’t coming because if she’s not there it’ll probably be lame. The tiny plane takes off and I get anxiety just watching the girls crammed into this tiny aircraft. The women arrive, without Adriana, and they take a ferry to their location. Adriana calls Lea and says she missed her plane and doesn’t think she can fly out later due to a storm back in Miami.

In Bimini, Joanna has been given two houses for the trip and they split the group. In one house, we have Lea, Lisa, Karent, and Joanna. In the second house, Alexia, Adriana, Ana, and Marysol. It’s like Harry Potter but with Miami Housewives. Alexia tells Marysol and Ana that she has something quite juicy to be revealed during the trip, and it is about someone else who’s on the trip!

The Joanna house has three bedrooms, one is pink with twin beds and one is blue with twin beds. All I am thinking is Bravo clearly did not splurge on this vacation. Karent kisses Lea’s ass for a bit and then Lea brings up Rodolfo. Karent says she’s getting along with Rodolfo but they have a problem – he’s away too much for Karent’s liking. She just wants to settle down and have children but Rodolfo can’t do that for her. Lisa and Lea tell her that she might have to seek that dream with someone else.

Adriana finally arrives hours later and everyone’s getting ready to head to dinner. Alexia reveals that a writer for her magazine told her about an article saying Rodolfo has kicked off a relationship with an actress in Latin America. There is an article that’s been published with Rodolfo’s new 24-year-old girlfriend speaking up about her relationship with Rodolfo and says they’ve been dating for a while now!

The ladies then debate whether they need to bring this up to Karent or not! Adriana, even though she dislikes Karent, feels for her because her previous marriage was broken up due to cheating.

Dinner starts with all the ladies. Everyone looks hot except Lea is wearing see-thru pants and it’s weird. Shots start going around the table and now I know something’s about to go down! Everything is fun and games at dinner, until Lea asks Karent if she’s made a decision regarding whether she will stay with Rodolfo or not. Karent is pissed that Lea brought this up with the other girls present.

Marysol, knowing what Alexia has up her sleeve, says “we’re going to look like bitches!” and she could not be more right. I feel bad for Karent right now.

The ladies retreat back indoors and Adriana brings up cheating, and if you would want a friend to tell you if you’re being cheated on. Now we’re on topic for what is to come! Karent tells a story of a boyfriend cheating on her back in dentistry school. She was obviously very naïve and still is because Rodolfo is clearly a player.

Alexia asks Karent if she would want to know if Rodolfo is cheating on her and she says yes. She’s playing right into the little trap and I feel so gross for watching. But I can’t look away so I stay tuned in.

Alexia pulls Lisa outside and tells her the scandal going on with Rodolfo. She wants to ask Lisa for advice about the cheating scandal and if she should bring it up or not. Lisa says Karent needs to know, but wants Alexia to tell her in private. The two determine that Karent would be in denial at first and probably attack whoever delivers the news.

Lisa pulls Karent aside to reveal the news, but Alexia follows and sits down with them because she wants to be present when Karent hears the accusations. Lisa confesses that she thinks Alexia just wants to see Karent find out the news and see her hurt. I agree with Lisa. If she already asked Lisa to tell Karent, why does she want to be there?! She might as well have told her from the get go.

Lisa spills the tea, Karent looks shocked and super dumbfounded, and I feel terrible for her.

Karent denies and says people just love to talk because they’re jealous, flashes her choppers, etc. Alexia says she has the publication and Karent says writers write BS all the time, except Alexia has pictures to back the story. Karent says she doesn’t want to see the publication and says pictures are always fabricated. Karent is in denial and doesn’t give the girls the reaction they wanted but you can tell she knows it’s true and is dying inside of humiliation.

DRAMA IN THE BAHAMAS! Next week Karent breaks down and Lea comes head to head with Marysol over their gala drama that has been bubbling all season long.

Do you think Alexia was trying to stir the pot and embarrass Karent? Is it better that she told Karent in front of everyone? Let’s discuss!



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