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RHOBH Recap: Housewives Go Wild in Ojai!

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues from the fall out between Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville! Last week we saw Brandi and Kim have a heart to heart which led Kim to tear up and Adrienne got involved dramatically calling out the fact that Kim Richards was crying. Because you know, no one else could see Kim Richards was crying. Once it was called out that Kim was crying and Adrienne was told to shut the front door, Kim excused herself to go to the restroom while Brandi followed. That gave the girls the opportunity to gossip about Brandi and what just happened.

Lisa Vanderpump defends Brandi because Brandi is her friends and for the most part, that’s what friends do. Kyle Richards isn’t having it and tells Lisa to stop defending her new BFF. Kyle seem to not let this one go but if you remember on the first season, Kyle called Camille Grammer a fu*king liar but seems to have forgotten!

My whole take on the Adrienne/Brandi situation. Adrienne was in the wrong and I think anyone in Brandi’s position would have been bothered by the fact that she kept calling it out but Brandi shouldn’t have used the F word. But that’s Brandi and we all do things out of frustration that we later wish we didn’t.

The Book Deal: After the whole Brandi/Adrienne drama. Brandi receives a phone call where she’s told she got a book deal! She announces it to the table regardless if they care or not and Taylor is livid! Taylor is upset because Brandi had called her out for writing a tell-all book and now she was writing a book about her divorce. Taylor even thinks Brandi’s story is not book worthy but she doesn’t seem to know LeAnn Rimes! Brandi’s book is going to be pure gold and everyone wants to know what really happened so despite what the girls may think, this is what people want to read! I truly think Brandi/ Taylor’s situation is completely different and I’m surprised Brandi didn’t point that out.

Brandi’s husband was a serial cheater, left her for a country star, and the country star now has an obsession with Brandi.

Taylor Armstrong complained about abuse but gave mixed signals of what really went down. Her husband commits suicide and the next day it’s announced that she will be writing a tell-all. On top of that she has a little daughter that will one day read this and wrote personal things about her husband that could really hurt her daughter.

That’s the big difference and I think most can agree that it’s a huge difference.

Back to the dinner: Yolanda is not used to the way these girls act and tells them to let go of things which makes Kyle Richards irritated. Kyle’s so irritated that in her interview she says no one is listening to her. I like Yolanda. I like that she calls it like it is and literally shuts the women up!

The next day, everyone basically forgets what happens and Lisa explains to Brandi how she could have handled the situation better. I really like Lisa and Brandi’s relationship. Lisa tries to look out for her and Brandi listens and respects Lisa. That night the girls get some drinks going on and bond over tons of random activities! The vacation gets better and the girls all seem to be getting along until the ride back home! Kyle has to bring up Brandi using the F word which means Brandi and Adrienne have to discuss what happens and it was just unnecessary and shouldn’t have been brought up!

Next week’s episode is going to be interesting considering Brandi is going to be called out names from the always funny Paul Nassif! Thought’s on Monday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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