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RHOA Recap: Does Kenya Have The Hots For Apollo? Plus, Kim Zolciak’s Dramatic Exit!


The Real Housewives of Atlanta is heating up this season, and this week took it to another level. Kenya keeps the crazy coming by flirting with Phaedra’s husband Apollo, all while Phaedra and her current boyfriend Walter are present! The ladies also come together for a vacation that they’ve accommodated around Kim’s schedule, but what happens when Kim drops a bomb and tells the group that she still won’t go on the trip?

Things start with Kim out to lunch with her two daughters, Brielle and Arianna. They’ve been living in the townhoue now and Kim says ‘ happy to be back. Interesting! Just a few days ago she couldn’t fathom the idea of living back in the confinement of her townhouse with no pool and no basketball court, you know? The essentials. The girls are happy to be back at their old house. Kim then reveals she’s done with pregnancies after this fourth child and in a weird twist, the teenage daughter, Brielle, reminds her mother about the existence of birth control.

Phaedra and Apollo are at a go-kart track and they’re waiting for Keyna and Walter. They are on this double date to get to know Walter. It turns out Phaedra and Walter have worked together before. Kenya then compliments Apollo’s look but these compliments get a little friskier as she continues. She says he looks like a model, that he’s “kinda fooiiine”, talks about his muscles, etc. She is clearly gushing over Apollo in a very suggestive way. It’s really rude considering Apollo’s wife Phaedra AND her current boyfriend, Walter, are present. Kenya has no shame and is desperate for any man’s attention.

Over at Cynthia’s house, she is getting ready for NeNe to come visit her and Peter. NeNe shows up with Gregg, and Cynthia could not be happier that they’re all hanging out together. NeNe says she and Gregg are the new normal. Once they divorced there was nothing to fight about and they’re enjoying each other. Peter jokes that Cynthia and him should break up to be happy. Odd. Peter and Cynthia are going to Anguilla because he has a connection at the island. Cynthia has made it into a “couples trip” so they will be inviting all the girls and their respective partners.

NeNe is not too hot on Kim and Kroy being invited because she’s just not ready for that negativity. Peter reveals that he is planning an island vow renewal as a surprise since his wedding to Cynthia was so tarnished by Cynthia’s mom and sister’s drama. NeNe doesnt know if that will go over well since Cynthia hates surprises! But alas, Peter will do the renewal he has been picturing in his head, at the beach with no shoes on and very small with just a few of their closest enemies cast mates and crew members present, like any personal and intimate occassion normally would be.

Porsha is with her husband Kordell at the doctor’s to make sure she’s ready to start a family. She’s had a miscarriage recently, and while that’s very sad, I’m already yawning. How many more times do we have to be subjected to this storyline on a Housewives franchise? Porsha then babbles on about how she wants two boys and two girls. And twins, that way she can have her four kids with only being pregnant twice. It’s very juvenile the way she’s talking about it. These things can’t just be chosen so easily.  It’s getting on my nerves how…dumb she is.

The gynecologist comes in and Porsha finds out her uterus looks fine and in one month she can start trying for a baby again. She asks what she can do to “higher” her chances of having twins. This isn’t like going to a build-a-burger restaurant and choosing what you want to get! This girl was probably very spoiled her whole life and had anything handed to her. Aside from this, though, she seems harmless and like she has a good heart.

Kandi meets with Cynthia so that she can be invited on the Anguilla trip. She tells Kandi that it’s going to be a couples trip and Kandi says her boyfriend is too busy with work and he may not be able to come. Kandi says either way, he may not want to come regardless because he doesn’t like the group of women since they are just drama. Kandi wonders how NeNe and Kim would co-exist on a vacation trip. Kandi says everything NeNe does has an ulterior motive. Cynthia says NeNe doesn’t have an issue with Kandi and that there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Porsha has NeNe and Cynthia over because any woman who has a cause close their heart is who she wants to be close friends with. Porsha’s uncle is very close with NeNe so she has heard great things, except two weeks ago she was telling Kenya that NeNe shows up to charity events just for the photo-op. She talks about the Hosea Feed The Hungry organization and that it’s important to feed those less fortunate not just on Thanksgiving, but 265 days a year. Yes, according to Porsha the year only has 265 days in it. Like NeNe said, “where the hell the bitch live at?!” The three ladies clink wine glasses to giving back and then the topic switches to Kenya Moore.

Cynthia and Porsha shares stories of their dramatic encounters with Kenya, and they now have something in common – they both have beef with her. Cynthia feels great that Porsha doesn’t like Kenya because it’s validation that what she’s been saying about Kenya is true. NeNe feels a great vibe from Porsha and reveals that she hasn’t gotten that from Kenya yet.

Phaedra and Kandi go shopping and Kandi has brought a gift for Phaedra – kegel balls to insert in your vagina to make it “tight and right”. Phaedra just wants a penis ring. The topic of conversation is Kim – and the girls are hoping Kim won’t cancel on them for Anguilla. Phaedra also is a little uneasy about vacationing with Cynthia after their butt dial drama. Kandi suggests inviting Kenya to the trip, but Phaedra thinks that’s not a good idea after their spat at the Bailey Agency. This will all be settled at a brunch where all the girls will smooth out the details of the Anguilla trip!

Cynthia and Phaedra arrive at the brunch before everyone to hash out their issue. Phaedra has arrived with flowers and an apology for saying she didn’t give a f*** if Cynthia came to her son’s party. Cynthia takes the apology and the two move past this. Kandi arrives and tells the girls that she invited Kenya over because she wants her to go on the trip. Cynthia feels very uneasy about that. NeNe joins the girls and they all wonder if Kim will show up or bail. Sure enough, Kim arrives, wig and belly in tow. She looks so uninterested, very detached and there is a very weird vibe.

The Anguilla talk comes up and Kenya “invites herself” on the trip because Cynthia won’t. The ladies toast to Anguilla and Kim says she can definitely come on the vacation. She will talk to her doctor and she will get the clearance. She lists a bunch of excuses, I’m assuming in hopes that the girls say “ohhh Kim, just stay home, then.” The girls bring up that they’ve changed their schedules to work around Kim and she says that her due date has been brought up twice already. She continues with the excuses and the girls’ blank stares are priceless.

Kandi is confused that Kim said she was coming, but has just said she won’t come – all in the same lunch! She is however, going on another vacation with Kroy that her excuses magically don’t apply to. This sets the girls off! Kandi is irritated. They are all upset and are calling Kim out. Phaedra calls it out and tells Kim that she doesn’t have time for her girlfriends, and asks if Kim is committed to her wonderful friendship with the ladies. Code for: you always pull excuses to not film, so why are you getting paid more than me to sit on your ass at home?

Kim says that she’s now married and has a lot going on, leaving her with no time to deal with these girls. All the ladies are pissed. Kim has basically made them work around her schedule only for her to drop them now. NeNe goes off and calls Kim out on her over usage of lame excuses. The ladies are now confronting Kim and Kim is fighting back, so it’s a full on argument. NeNe asks Kim to not lie, and Kim tells them she’s done with the whole thing. Kim says all these “bitches” are crazy and storms out of the restaurant! Outside, Kroy is waiting and they both start cursing at the camera man and pushing it away.

And just like that, Kim Zolciak leaves the Real Housewives!

What did you think of the episode? Do you still think Kim left the show for good on her own or was she really fired like NeNe claims? Is Kenya crossing a line by flirting with Apollo? Let’s discuss!

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