RHOM Recap: Parents Invade Miami, Plus Marysol And Elaine Call A Truce!


Real Housewives of Miami came back after being gone for the Thanksgiving holiday! We left off after a blow up between Marysol and Elaine Lancaster at a shoe fashion show! The two finally came face to face regarding their drama which had been bubbling all season long. And of course, the disastrous dinner party at Thomas Kramer’s that left Ana upset with Marysol.

This week, Marysol and Elaine meet up to hash out their differences like two ladies should, and parents invade Miami! Karent’s relationship to Rodolfo is put on the hot seat by her friends Lisa and Joanna, and Lea throws a bash for her son’s birthday.

We begin with Lea throwing a bash for her song RJ. It’s his birthday and they’re using their spare Star Island mansion as the venue! Rich people problems. It’s Bravo, so the Housewives are coming to the 11 year old’s party. Elaine shows up as James and the ladies present discuss Marysol vs. Elaine. Lisa Pliner, the host of the fashion show that Marysol said not to hire Elaine for, is also present and she says again that Marysol tried getting her to not hire Elaine. Alexia says Marysol’s personality is not confrontational, where Lea says Marysol holds a grudge. They start to gossip and Lea cuts it because Marysol isn’t present to fend for herself. But only after she already bashed her.

Over at Ana’s, she is talking with her daughters. She tells them what happened at Thomas Kramer’s that brought her to leave the dinner. She basically felt that Marysol had the opportunity to defend her and she didn’t, so she’s a little upset with her.

Lisa is waiting for Lenny to come home, since his parents are coming to visit! Lisa is a little scared because she has bumped heads with Lenny’s parents. Lenny’s mom has a key to the house and is apparently a demanding mother in law, including granchildren! Since Lisa is facing fertility issues, she feels pressured and uncomfortable. Marina (Lenny’s mom) is such a character! She has a thick accent and she inspects the fridge upon arrival. Lisa feels really pressured and I feel bad! She just wants her mother in law to be a little more sensitive to the children issue.

Marysol is at her office and she is waiting for Elaine to show up so that they can meet and hash out their stupid, drawn out drama. Elaine arrives in full on couture and huge blonde bob wig. Elaine is a bitch but I love her Gucci stationary! Elaine is happy that Marysol invited her over to talk like ladies. Marysol says she likes James, but as Elaine, she becomes a cold bitch, basically. Elaine says she’s a cross between “Mother Teresa and Mother F*cker”.

Marysol apologizes and they start getting into it regarding Lisa Pliner. Marysol feels that they’re going in circles becaase Elaine is still calling her a liar. Marysol says she is uncomfortable with the drama and extends an olive branch because she is just done with this. Marysol does doubt whether Lea drove him to do this. Way to get camera time, Elaine. PS, you’re not a Housewife.

Lisa is with her friend and she feels very stressed about motherhood. Lisa feels that her marriage may fail if she doesn’t have a child and I feel really bad for her because she is such a sweetheart and would make the most loving mom. She seeks an acupuncture doctor’s help to try to fix this miscarriage problem she has had. As she is getting poked with needles, Lisa recounts the fact that her friend, who is the same age, has had three kids and Lisa has had three miscarriages. It’s really sad and I hope Lisa gets pregnant in later seasons of RHOM!

Karent is with her douchebag part-time boyfriend. She is working on his teeth and she tells him she relates to Lisa because she also wants kids, except her clock is ticking since she’s old. Karent’s talking about freezing embryos and she’s hinting at Rodolfo. He doesn’t know what to say – so he plants a kiss on her. He tells her he’s not prepared to have kids with his busy and demanding traveling jobs. Karent wonders when enough will be enough with this long-distance relationship. This relationship is clearly not existent.

Joanna and Romain plan a triple date with her RHOM friends, Lisa and Lenny, and Karent and Rodolfo. She wants to pick Rodolfo’s brain and see if he’s legit. Rodolfo is clearly an immature douchebag. He says they’re not engaged, because Karent hasn’t given him the ring. Not even funny. The ladies retreat to the restroom and the boys put Rofoldo on the hot seat. The boys want to know how Rodolfo does it since he’s kissing actresses and around all these women in South America. Romain concludes that Karent would be more secure with their relationship if he tones down the traveling. He would know.

Adriana finally appears and her fiance Frederic’s parents are also in town from Paris! It’s their 50th wedding anniversary and Adrianna can’t comprehend how a couple can last that long. Adriana wants to throw them a party to celebrate. Frederic’s mother says she has a vintage Dior gown and then Adriana lights up about a wedding that she otherwise seems uninterested in. The parents tell how they met and Adriana admires their relationship. Adriana pictures her and Frederic lasting that long, but reveals she is still not able to trust from her past relationship which ended in a very traumatic way.


Over at the Krupa manor, Romain and Joanna wake up Marta and Mama Krupa in bed. They all have a morning kiki in bed and what a nice wake-up call that is. All is well with Romain and the Krupas and Joanna could not be happier. Marta’s mom asks her what kind of Housewife she is since she doesn’t cook and I agree, but this is a different type of Housewife! Joanna’s mom tells her she needs to stop drinking and it’s hilarious because it’s true. Her mom is so smart and I like her. She seems to have her thoughts in check and Joanna should take notes.

Joanna reveals she is worried to get married because of the constant fighting. Joanna’s mom says since Joanna didn’t really have a childhood and was always caring for her sister and the household, it now affects how she works in relationships. Joanna is now second guessing whether she will end up ever marrying Romain.

Lisa is holding a seder since her in-laws are Jewish, so all the Housewives are invited. Finally Mama Elsa! The moms have a funny conversation about American politics and Mama Elsa wraps it up nicely, “everyone has the same problems to the world is just falling apart.” This lady just kills me. Lisa makes a toast to America and it’s really sweet. Everyone is an immigrant at the table (I’m sure Lea is not, though) and Lisa wants them to all be grateful for the opportunities they’ve all had here.

Adriana is at her house throwing the anniversary party for Frederic’s parents. The party looks beautiful and of course all the Housewives are coming too. Thomas Kramer is there too and all I have to say is why? He grosses me out. They discuss the secret to the 50 year long marriage and all of that. The party ends with a Brazilian theme performance by Adriana in full on showgirl, Rio gear which is nice, but odd at the same time too!

Ana is at her home with her soon-to-be husband Robert. He wonders when their divorce will actually happen, and Ana is still weary on that issue, but the moving out of the same office was a step in the right direction.

Next week the ladies take off for Bimini and we all know what happens at a Housewives vacation! I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Let’s discuss! What did you think of the episode?

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