Kim Richards Talks Bonding With Brandi In Ojai; Believes Adrianne Nor Brandi Meant Any Harm!


Kim Richards made a huge step of improvement by organizing a trip for all the ladies on this week’s RHOBH. The girl who was late or absent to everything on season two was successful in planning a trip and everything was great until she and Brandi shared an emotional moment that brought Kim to tears, and Brandi and Adrienne into a minor spat.

Kim took to her Bravo blog to discuss the Ojai trip and what she wanted out of it. Kim discusses that after sharing her past troubles with Brandi and seeing how much in common they have gone through, it brought her to a better place with Brandi. Of the spat between Adrienne and Brandi, Kim says she believes that neither lady meant to cause drama. Kim says Adrienne was just trying to make sure Kim was not being hurt, and says Brandi was just trying not to call attention to the fact that Kim was in tears and feel embarrassed. Check it out:

I was really looking forward to trip to Ojai. Friendships, growth, and moving forward was the goal for the girls and I! Riding up to Ojai, of course, the scenery was beautiful, and the company was good and entertaining.

Whenever all of us get together in a car and Camille is with us, it seems like there’s always some sort of discussion about bleaching or tattooing. . .mmmm! Interesting right? As long as it’s not before a meal! Right?

Arriving at the house it was absolutely beautiful! When we took the tour and Sean dropped “five-bedrooms for seven girls bomb” on us everyone froze. I knew we’d figure it out as the house and the room were so beautiful. When Lisa and Brandi arrived it was definitely uncomfortable for a moment. A bit tension in the room. But that went away quickly and we were off to dinner!

I wanted this dinner to be different with no special seating. Everyone got to sit next to who they wanted to sit next to! And it created an opportunity for Brandi and I to sit across from one an another. No it wasn’t planned this way, it’s just the way it ended up! This gave us an opportunity to get to know each other a little.

In talking with Brandi, I felt like I really began to understand her and that we were connecting! She started talking about how when she’s alone in her home that she drinks, and I did too. And then she said when her kids are gone she’s lonely and she drinks, and I said I did too. And then she said all her friends are married and she’s lonely and she hasn’t had a lot of people to talk to and she drinks, and I said I did too! I completely related to her in this whole conversation! And it triggered some real emotions in me, reminding me of how painful some of these experiences have been.

But when she brought up Game Night, that’s when I put my hand up. I wasn’t angry at her at the dinner table, but it took me back to a place that was way too too painful for me. I just didn’t want to talk about it. When she brought it up again, it was just one of those moments what was just too painful and hurtful and too much for me! I don’t think that Adrienne was trying to cause problems. I think she saw me crying and was truly concerned. Nor do i think Brandy meant to yell “f—” at the table! I think she didn’t want me to be embarrassed for crying! I don’t think anyone that night was trying to make a problem. I didn’t mean to cry!

I think this is the beginning for Brandi and I. And I really do get to know her a lot better! Everyone of these women are beautiful and have sensitive sides. I’m truly thankful for this experience in growing with them and learning more about who they are. I’m growing every day and learning more about myself!

I have the biggest soft spot for Kim. When she cries, I cry. When she makes a funny, I can’t help but laugh because she’s so funny to me! She has such a big heart and I am happy she is doing better this season. I’m excited to see how she grows as the season progresses.

I do agree that Adrienne probably was just trying to make sure Kim wasn’t being attacked by Brandi again given the past, but she went about it in a weird way. I also do agree that Brandi was trying to protect Kim by asking Adrienne to ‘shut the f*** up’.

What do you think of what Kim had to say?

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