Kim Zolciak’s Lavish Wedding Debts Revealed

Yesterday, we brought you a story about Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kim Zolciak owing wedding planner Colin Cowie over $200,000 in wedding planning fees! It turns out now, Kim owes Colin Cowie over $1 million, all this according to a family member of Kim’s. Kim wrongfully assumed Bravo would pick up the tab since they were filming the event for her spin-off show DBTFTW. The unnamed relative tells Radar Online, “Kim said that she was having to pay her wedding planner over $1,000,000 for her big ceremony and Bravo wasn’t picking up the tab. They shortly after had a falling out.” People are really coming out of the wood work to bring this woman down. Could they all be lying, or is Kim really being exposed for who she is? What do you think of this unpaid bills mess surrounding Kim? Has her over-spending caught up with her?

Kim Zolciak owes her wedding planner, Colin Cowie, over $1 million according to a family member of Kim’s. Initially, it was reported that she owed him over $200,000, but the amount has now escalated to over $1 million.

Kim Zolciak assumed Bravo would cover the wedding planning fees because they were filming the event for her spin-off show, “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding” (DBTFTW). However, it seems that Bravo did not agree to pay for the expenses, leading to a falling out between Kim and her wedding planner.

Yes, Kim Zolciak is facing criticism for her unpaid bills and over-spending. People are questioning whether she has been caught up in her extravagant spending habits, as multiple individuals are coming forward with claims against her. The situation has raised doubts about Kim’s financial responsibility and integrity.

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