Kyle Richards Reveals She Felt “In The Middle” At Portia’s Party; Hoped For Adrienne & Lisa To “Break The Ice”


Kyle Richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is trying her hardest to stay neutral in the Adrienne vs. Lisa feud, but reveals in her Bravo blog that when it comes to picking sides, she’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t. Check out what Kyle says about the episode she claims is the last drama-free episode this season, which just started. Uh oh!

Portia was so excited about her birthday! She had been asking me if there would be unicorns at her party. I had asked Glenn Schneider, who helps me with my parties, if we could get some small white ponies “dressed” like unicorns. When small brown HORSES showed up I was a bit disenchanted! We had a good laugh about that. Small brown horses with paper hats. Hmmm. . .

I invited everyone in spite of what was going on between all the girls. I know emotions run high around here, but I also know none of these women would have made a scene at a child’s party. They may not ALL like each other but at worst they would just ignore that person, which we saw with Taylor toward Brandi. I find it difficult at times to be in the middle. It can be very difficult to navigate through these complex relationships.

With Lisa and Adrienne, I honestly thought they would say hello, the ice would be broken, and then maybe a conversation would spark that would lead to an end of this argument.

I offered to arrange a meeting because I just didn’t see anything indicating them moving forward. These arguments really do affect our entire group. If you choose a side, you can basically say goodbye to the friend you didn’t side with. If you try to stay neutral, you can lose both because you DIDN’T choose a side. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

It must suck for Kyle to be stuck in the middle, but I think she should just not talk about the drama to either lady if she wants to truly remain neutral.

Thoughts on what Kyle had to say? Do you agree with her stance?

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