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RHOM Recap: The Ladies Reunite For The First Time Since “The Slap”!

It’s been a crazy ride so far for the ladies of Real Housewives of Miami. Things between Joanna and Adriana are at an all-time low after the slap heard around the world. Romain doesn’t look too hot for Joanna at the moment, and the tension even drove Joanna to leave Lea’s gala early. Alexia has organized a dinner to “clear the tension” amongst the ladies. We all know how those things work out. This is going to be interesting…

Ana is in her practice which she shares with Robert, her ex. She is in tears as she packs all her belongings. Ana and Robert have decided to go their separate ways and the reality has hit Ana. She is such a sweetheart and it’s heartbreaking to see her like this! They’ve built this together and it’s time to actually end it for good now. After some shots of what Ana describes as “raccoon piss”, she musters up the courage to pack up and leave. It’s time for change and she is a bit scared, which is understandable.

Joanna is playing in a celebrity charity volleyball tournament. Her besties Karent and Lisa show up for support, but Romain is nowhere to be seen while his fiancé plays. After the match, Romain arrives and Karent and Lisa leave to allow them to talk since they haven’t since Lisa’s lingerie party. They retreat over to the sand and Romain is pissed at Joanna and her antics. Joanna says she didn’t mean to push Romain away, she was just angry. Romain thinks Joanna is out of her mind and embarrassing.

Joanna apologizes for her nasty behavior and Romain accepts under one stipulation – he wants Joanna not to drink when they go out together. Joanna admits to acting out when she drinks and she agrees to Romain’s request. They kiss and all seems to be back to normal amongst the two lovebirds.

Lisa visits Karent and she decides to open up to her about her fertility issues. Lisa has miscarried three times and she is frustrated that she is unable to start a family with Lenny. Karent is trying to be a good listener and to comfort Lisa. Lisa is glad she has Karent because she listens to her, whereas with the other ladies, Lisa feels that they like to divert the conversation back to themselves. The two fantasize about being pregnant together and having joint baby showers!

Lisa brings Daysy over to Lenny’s practice since she has finally dropped all the weight she needed to lose prior to her gift plastic surgery makeover. Only in Miami would a recovering alcoholic housemaid undergo plastic surgery before starting a career as a pastor! Lenny and Lisa are excited to give this confidence booster to Daysy. What nice bosses they are! I swear, these Miami housekeepers live like royalty.

Last week we saw Lea’s dog Leroy get sick the day of the Blacks gala. He was rushed to the vet and Lea has been checking on him daily. While hanging out with her son, Lea received a call from the vet that Leroy’s health took a turn for the worst. Lea’s dog of thirteen years sadly passed away and Lea is heartbroken. To commemorate Leroy, Lea plans a funeral. Adriana arrives with a veil, hat and all. After a few speeches, Leroy’s ashes are laid to rest in Lea’s backyard. Where is RHOA’s Phaedra to throw an extravagant pet send off?!

Karent receives a speakerphone invite from Alexia to this dinner where they plan to move on and settle all the drama. The pretty sad and emotional episode turns dramatic very quickly. As soon as Joanna walks in, Adriana starts making comments and this dinner is clearly not going to settle anything! Marysol starts off by telling Karent that the article she did was disrespectful to her and all her friends. Ana summarizes the drama as Karent doing things that just piss everyone off.

Karent is being cut off by everyone and no one lets her get a word in. So what does she do? She flashes her smile and Adriana starts to make rude comments about her “Joker smile”. It becomes a gang-up very quickly, but Joanna and Lisa are on Team Karent. Adriana starts getting pretty aggressive and Joanna asks her to stop bullying, so they both get into it especially since it’s their first interaction since their physical encounter and there’s some pent up tension there.

We are back to the slap. Joanna refuses to apologize to Adriana since she claims she didn’t touch her. Adriana says she hit Joanna in a fight or flight response and in self-defense. Joanna hopes Adriana doesn’t have rabies since she scratched her arm, and they go back and forth…back and forth. They shake hands and apologize for what they did to each other, and as they are shaking hands they are still arguing about who started the fight. Clearly it was an empty apology and there is no resolution here.

Next week the drama will continue at Thomas Kramer’s house. It looks like another shit show dinner party from hell! Thoughts on this week’s episode? Is it strange that people’s problems with Karent are being channeled through this Adriana vs. Joanna feud? Let’s discuss!

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