RHOA Recap: Got Sexy Back

It’s finally here! The fifth season of Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered last night and I could not be more excited. Let’s face it, the Atlanta ladies bring something that the other franchises don’t, Southern sass and hints of hood mixed with class. This season we are not being given anymore Sheree, but we have Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart (debuting on episode 3) to add to the drama in ATL.

The premiere episode begins with none other than NeNe Leakes. NeNe has landed a role on The New Normal, so she is very happy to be a legit actress. NeNe and Gregg are divorced but he is still over at her house often. Gregg visits NeNe to discuss her new job and Gregg suggests getting back together. By the way, what is that wig? NeNe giggles off Gregg’s hints at a reconciliation. I like Greg and am glad him and NeNe are working it out. He seems determined to change whatever drive them apart, and NeNe clearly still loves him.

Kandi is in love! She has been dating Todd, and they are so cute. The couple have been dating since Africa, where they met last season, and they are now moving in together. The “kid talk” comes up but Kandi wants a marriage first. They reveal they want a son named Cash…isn’t that what Kim named her second baby? Do you foresee a wedding for them? They basically are already married, all Kandi needs is that ring to seal the deal!

Kim Zolciak is pregnant…yet again. Kim is being “Susie homemaker” at home with Kroy and she receives a card from her parents to baby KJ. She is surprised because they haven’t spoken or seen each other since her wedding, where her mom had to be escorted out. Sweetie is also working for Kim again. The Zolciak-Biermann’s are also facing an eviction from their “dream home”.

The house was valued at a lot less than the asking price so Kim does not want to buy the home. Kendra (the landlord) wants to kick them out because they decided not to buy the house. Kendra also says Kim didn’t pay for her decorating fees. This is leaving Kim and her family homeless! Not sure if it’s the pregnancy hormones, but given the circumstances, Kim seems completely unfazed by this.

Phaedra is currently going to mortician school and she is striving to be the “Vera Wang of funerals”. She is expanding her services to pet funerals! Phaedra says pets nowadays are as important as children to some people and she wants to provide over the top “Phunerals” for anything that can be buried- dogs included. She just kills me! Gotta respect her hustle.

Cynthia is still with Peter and Leon is staying with them. Leon is Cynthia’s ex-husband and baby daddy. It seems odd that he’s here but it’s nice that Peter is mature enough to have a relationship with him. Noelle, Cynthia’s daughter, is home schooled and Leon doesn’t like that. Cynthia is upset that he’s not around enough but he is trying to tell Cynthia what to do with their daughter. Noelle comes downstairs and reveals she wants to go back to traditional school. Kind of a boring scene, but it sets up Cynthia’s storyline I suppose?

Kenya, the new girl in town, meets with Miss Lawrence for lunch. Both have known each other for many years. Kenya is now dating a man from Atlanta. She has been career driven her whole life and living in Los Angeles, but she wants to settle down and focus on her personal life’s growth for a change. She is focusing on her relationship so that she eventually gets married and starts a family.

Kim comes to visit Kandi at her new house and she is being so inappropriate! Kim right off the bat starts being judgmental, and says she had to lock the doors in her car when she strolled into the neighborhood. She picks at Kandi’s painting, how she is going to remodel certain things, etc. and she is being pretty damn insensitive. Could Kim be jealous that Kandi paid for her dream house while Kim is now being evicted?

Over at the Bailey Agency, Cynthia is holding a model search for JET Magazine. She has invited Kenya Moore to be a judge for the casting since she has modeling experience and was Miss USA. It was very nice of Cynthia to involve Kenya, however, it may not have been such a great idea. Kenya is very vocal with her opinions and a little harsh with some of the aspiring models. Kenya is putting them down and talking down their abilities and looks. This is making Cynthia and her staff a bit tense and its obvious.

On one instance, a model’s crack may have been showing and Kenya goes off about her “coochie crack” showing and exclaims that she is uncomfortable. Cynthia’s assistant tries talking Kenya down and she goes off, talking back to everyone and calling her security over. She tells us she has security because she is a public figure and people are crazy. Okay, I’m sorry but you’re not an A-Lister. Paranoid much?

At the end of the audition, Kenya gets up to make concluding statements and thank all the models. Cynthia obviously felt that she had to say something since it was her school’s casting call. Kenya claims Cynthia just reiterated what she had said and that she has no original thoughts of her own. It’s clear from this point on that Kenya is going to bump heads and clash with the ladies!

What were your thoughts on the premiere? Do you think Kim was being jealous of Kandi’s new home? Do you think Kenya is being overly rude or is she just playing it up for the cameras? Let’s discuss!

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