RHOM Recap: Never Ending Drama And Joanna Gets Bitch Slapped!


Wow! What an episode! The Real Housewives of Miami got c-r-a-z-y this Sunday and there was never ending drama! Again, if you aren’t a fan of RHOM I recommend you begin watching it! This season doesn’t disappoint.

Moving along..the episode starts off with Joanna and Marta talking about sleeping with Joe Francis. Marta admits she has slept with Joe Francis which shocks Joanna. Although Joe Francis can be an ass hole, I think Joanna slept with Joe as well but she doesn’t want to be that girl known for sleeping with Joe Francis so she just denies it.

Joanna looks like she has drank way to much which means something is going to go down. Joanna is over talking about Joe Francis. She now starts talking about Marysol because Marysol decided to wear fur to the party. Joanna even goes as far as to scream that Marysol will burn in hell for eternity. Marta is trying to relax Joanna but let’s face it. No one can relax Joanna. Adriana talks about the whole fur situation on her interview and says Kudos to Joanna for supporting PETA but she isn’t a dictator on who should wear fur or not and I couldn’t agree more. I personally don’t think you should wear fur but that’s just me. That doesn’t mean because I disagree with wearing fur, I should attack anyone who wears it. Just childish.

Joanna is so drunk that while she and everyone are sitting down outside of the party, she spots Adriana and begins trash talking her behind her back and laughing at her outfit. Joanna’s boyfriend tells her to stop but again. You just can’t stop Joanna Krupa. She does what she wants no matter what. Normally I think Adriana is annoying but this episode made me realize how annoying Joanna actually is.

Because Adriana was late to the party, she wants to know all the drama she missed so her and Joe Francis discuss everything that happened. After hearing about it , Adriana says it was very wrong of Karent to tell Joanna what Joe Francis said in front of her current fiance. Adriana shockingly is right yet again! I would never want my friend to bring up a situation from the past in front of my future! Romain could have reacted a lot worse and Karent would have been blamed for that.

You can’t help but feel bad for Lisa. She’s so sweet and all she wants is this party to go well but then another fight happens! Karent’s friend gets into a fight with Lea’s friend over pretty much Lea and Karent’s friend spills a drink on Lea’s friend who then responds by pushing him in the pool. That results to all the DJs equipment to stop working. Lisa freaks out and wants it to stop! They all go in the kitchen and Lisa cools down and says no more fighting…like that’s going to help!

Adriana decides that she wants to talk to Karent to clear the air about an article Karent did that trash talked the housewives. Karent calls the blogger stupid and says that the blogger changed her words..I doubt that. While Adriana and Karent are speaking, Joanna who is extremely drunk comes in the middle to defend Karent. Adriana asks Joanna to stay out of it but Joanna refuses to listen because Karent is “her friend.” That’s when Joanna and Adriana go crazy on each other about who’s been in the business longer. What? Weren’t we just talking about Karent and an article? The two begin yelling at each others faces and Adriana moves away. Joanna goes up to her yet again to continue the argument and Adriana runs off to avoid Joanna. Joanna follows Adriana, grabs her, and Adriana then turns around and punches her in the face!

Oh snap! Everything happened so fast that the girls don’t even know what or how it happened. I don’t think Adriana should have slapped Joanna but I feel like Joanna was asking for it. Adriana tried to walk away from the situation but Joanna would not end it. I’m also kind of sick of Joanna talking about how she’s been in the business for so long. It’s like OK, we get it!

Joanna goes in the kitchen and Marta tries to calm Joanna down. Marta thinks Joanna is acting crazy and Joanna shuts Marta up and tells her she’s going to lose a sister. Am I the only one who feels bad for Marta? I feel like Joanna has probably blackmailed her all her life and said, “If you don’t do this, you will lose me.”

Lisa’s charity event went down in flames but Lea Black finally acknowledged Lisa and realized she respected her after everything happened.

Funniest Part Of Sunday’s Episode: Marta acting like she understands Lisa’s housekeeper Daisy! I could not stop laughing about that!

What were your thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Do you think a lot of the arguments occurred because of Karent? Team Adriana or Team Joanna? Let’s Discuss!

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