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Camille Grammer Reacts To Kelsey’s Public Negativity Spree; Plus, Will She Remarry?

RHOBH’s Camille Grammer is one lady who does not have a good ex-husband. Kelsey Grammer has been bashing her in the media in the last year, storming out of interviews and telling people that he knew their marriage was doomed from the first day. Camille is reacting to this hate saying it hurts her, and also discusses why she thinks Kelsey is so negative, as well as if she plans to marry current boyfriend Dimitri!

Camille tells OK! Magazine that she was hurt to hear Kelsey express himself so negatively about their marriage, because she felt that they were in love yet now he is telling the media otherwise. Camille says, “He went on this negativity tour 2012 recently, over the last few months, and it hurts you know. I thought.. you know all marriages have their ups and downs and I loved my ex very much and I thought we were in a good marriage. I mean, who knew? So when he went on Oprah and said that it was over from… as soon as it started.. that hurt a lot because I believe in my heart that he loved me very much.”

Camille has no idea what is driving Kelsey to act like such a douchebag saying, “I don’t know. Maybe there’s unresolved angst and he needs to work it out.”

As for Kelsey’s new child with his mistress-turned-wife Kayte, Camille is very open to letting the baby’s half siblings visit with her! “My daughter and my son were excited to know that Kayte was having a baby. When the baby came Kelsey text somebody to ask me if the kids could go and meet Faith and I said absolutely. It is what it is. My kids are very sweet. They’re good kids,” shares Camille.

Luckily for Camille she has a great man by her side these days! She has been dating Dimitri Charalambopoulos and she is head over heels for him! Does that mean Camille will be headed down the aisle again soon? Camille reveals, “He’s totally hot and his body rocks but his soul is great. He’s just a sweet person. He is a good guy and a great companion. But am I ready to get married? Because everyone keeps asking are you going to get married again? Not yet! I was married for 13 years – I did it! And right now I’m having such a good time and enjoying my life and enjoying my children, I don’t want to mess anything up. I don’t want to jinx it. But in the future yes – I would love to get remarried. I’m taking my time.”

Camille will be making cameos here and there on season three of RHOBH and although she is glad she won’t be in the middle of all the drama, she does promise some feisty moments!

Camille has been nothing but cooperative with this divorce and it’s sad that Kelsey won’t reciprocate that for his kids sake. Thoughts on what Camille had to say?

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