RHONJ Recap: And So The Season Finally Comes To An End!


What a season! Sunday aired the part 3 reunion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and it was interesting to say the least! The men joined the ladies which made sense since they appeared on the show just as much as the housewives did..odd, I know. Especially since the show is called ‘The Real HouseWIVES.”

The episode begins with a flashback of Caroline Manzo predicting a divorce with Joe and Teresa Giudice. Caroline defends herself by saying it was just hypothetical. It’s still not okay to talk about someones marriage just because it’s “hypothetical.” Joe Giudice responds by saying Caroline just hates. Joe, you’re wrong. Caroline doesn’t hate. She’s just bitter and angry or at least that’s how she’s portrayed herself this season….

What I found annoying about Sunday’s episode was Kathy Wakile. Did anyone else notice Kathy picking on EVERYTHING that Teresa did even if she had no involvement on what was going on? I found it so odd that she continued to do that considering her and Teresa didn’t even leave off on bad terms…

Andy then brings up Joe Giudice case..Teresa says she doesn’t want to speak about it and finds it sad that her family spoke about it on the show even after she asked them not to. Jacqueline and Melissa argue that Teresa is the one who put it out on the magazines..are we still talking about the magazine BS? Since the show has ended, Melissa, Jacqueline, and Caroline have appeared on magazine covers bashing Teresa..hypocrites much? Melissa claims that she only has ever been worried about Teresa regarding what’s going on with Joe Giudice and his case. LOL. Did anyone else find that laughable? Melissa then says her and Teresa are “even.” Melissa admits to saying things about Joe’s case and says Teresa does the same about calling her a stripper when not asked too. Is it me or did Melissa just admit she’s asked Teresa not to call her a stripper on television? In my opinion, I do think Melissa danced. I don’t think stripping is a big deal but I do get why it is for Joe Gorga. Joe’s parents are old fashioned and if they knew Melissa was a stripper prior to Joe and Melissa getting married, they would not accept her or allow Joe to marry her.

Melissa continues to bring up how she’s moving because she wants to get away from Teresa which made no sense considering they haven’t seen or spoken for a year? And if she really wanted to get away from Teresa. She’d get off the show?

The men join the show and Andy asks Joe Gorga if the show has made things worse between Teresa and him. Joe Gorga says it’s always been bad. Melissa then says she has always respected Teresa. Obviously the show has made things worse considering they don’t speak or haven’t seen each other in a year and if Melissa always respected Teresa like she claims, why would she speak to Danielle and want to take her down? Melissa admitted she “hated” Teresa prior to getting on the show but she always respected her? If you respected Teresa, you wouldn’t go after her enemy and tell her enemy that Teresa doesn’t care about her nieces or nephews?

Chris Laurita then reveals that he and Dina Manzo don’t speak. Rumor has it that Dina and Chris don’t speak because of Jacqueline..isn’t it funny how they are going through the same thing that Melissa/Teresa/and Joe are? No wonder Jacqueline has so much sympathy for Melissa because she IS Melissa in her family! She can relate to Melissa because she is the Melissa in Chris’s family..Let’s not forget that Jacqueline punched Caroline Manzo before they entered the show! So why exactly did Jacqueline punch Caroline? Perhaps it was because Caroline used to bash Jacqueline to Chris and would say she’s a horrible mother…

Back to Melissa! Melissa makes sure to state that she and Joe Gorga are real while Joe Giudice and Teresa are a joke. Classy. And sad. Joe Gorga then explains that he’s allowed to call Teresa names and a bitch because that’s his sister…which is again just sad. Teresa is a mother and a grown ass adult. No one should speak to there sister like that..ever. Especially grown adults! Joe Giudice is then asked if he was upset with Joe Gorga calling Teresa a bitch. Joe Giudice makes an amazing point (surprisingly) and says he doesn’t think Joe Gorga is a loser for calling Teresa a bitch but he thinks Joe is a loser for allowing others to speak badly about Teresa and not sticking up for her. Gorga then denies that he ever did that. LOL. Let’s rewind to Joe Gorga allowing Richard Wakile to say nothing but negative things about his sister. Speaking of Richard. He says its okay that he says things like Teresa should burn and blah blah because she attacks his wife? Back to Joe Gorga! Joe states that his children don’t even have grandparents because of Teresa Giudice yet Melissa claims that Teresa and Joe’s parents visit them weekly while Melissa cooks…which one is it? They do or they don’t? While speaking about Joe and Teresa’s parents, Jacqueline gets involved out of no where which I just find pathetic. Teresa tells Jacqueline that she has nothing to worry about but Teresa which is true. Jacqueline has spent the past months bashing Teresa and attempting to “take her down.”

Finally! Kim D enters the building! Before Kim D can speak, Joe Gorga apologizes to Kim which was odd because I’m sure he still bashes her as much as he can. Kim D reveals that Teresa knew something was going to happen at the Posche Fashion Show but didn’t know what was going to happen. We also find out that Jacqueline and Caroline knew something was going to happen as well. So basically, they all knew something was going to happen…but Teresa is the only one who is getting blamed? I also thought it was weird how Melissa isn’t upset at everyone else too. Jacqueline and Caroline knew just as much as Teresa yet said nothing to Melissa. Kim is behind everything and that’s that! The reunion ends off with Melissa telling Teresa she is done with her and that Teresa will never see her children…And so it ends…the never ending season is over and I’m relieved..Looking forward for season 5 and hoping it’ll be a lot different!

Things I learned while watching the reunion: Jacqueline probably had her break down last season and because she knew something was going to happen to Melissa yet she never warned her.

Most likable person on the reunion: Chris Laurita. How he’s with Jacqueline? I’ll never..ever understand!

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