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RHOM Recap: “Eager Beaver”

The Real Housewives of Miami season two has been airing for some time now and while I am personally engaged, it seems to be struggling in connecting with the audience! This week, Bravo resorted to previewing part three of the RHONJ reunion before RHOM’s episode in an effort to attract viewers. Give it a chance everyone! The beautiful ladies and Miami’s picture-esque scenery alone make it worth it!

This week’s episode kicks off with Romain working at Mynt during the day when Marta shows up. The two have a talk about the issues they are facing and have Joanna in the middle of. Romain calls Marta out on not working and not fighting as hard to achieve her dreams which he thinks is causing the friction. Marta says her field (acting and music) is so difficult to break into and she is struggling right now. Marta feels that no one believes in her and she breaks into tears about not feeling support from Romain and Joanna.

Ana receives a visit from Joanna and they start to cook. This gives me horrible flashbacks of the awful first season of RHOM in which the ladies just spent time in kitchens cooking and eating for eight episodes. Ana starts talking about the drama with Karent regarding Rodolfo. Ana reiterates that their relationship is not real, and Joanna is confused because Karent tells her the opposite. Ana, Karent, and Rodolfo need to hash this out already! The pure speculation going on is getting boring.

Rodolfo is back in town and overpacking the PDA with Karent. The two will be showing up to Lisa’s “Hearts and Stars Gala” together, where all the other ladies will be in attendance. Karent tells Rodolfo about the issues she’s been having trying to blend in with the other ladies. Karent feels betrayed by Adriana, who she thought she was friends with. Something tells me Adriana brought Karent on the show to make her the target.

Lisa’s “Hearts and Stars Gala” is on and popping, and all the Miami ladies arrive dressed in their sexiest Miami night couture. This gala is one of Lisa’s philanthropy projects and Lea comments that Lisa is “so cute” with her charity efforts. She is condescending and rude towards Lisa who has done nothing to Lea but be nice. I am so over Lea already!

Karent is over pleasing the ladies and decides to be herself despite the fact that no one else seems to like her. She arrives with Rodolfo who has been allegedly texting Ana, and Adriana comments that Karent would show up to the opening of an envelope. Last time I checked they were both at the same event. Pot calling the kettle black? Rodolfo ignores Ana and pretends not to know her even though he’s been texting her. Ana labels Karent an “eager beaver” for how hungry she is for the spotlight.

Marta tells Joanna that she’s going to move out and stay at Lisa’s until Joanna and Romain resolve their issues. Marta is trying to do what’s best for her relationship with her sister Joanna as well as for Joanna and Romain’s relationship. Joanna tears up and doesn’t want Marta to think that she wants her out. Being the third wheel and living with another couple is never a good idea, especially when you start to have drama so Marta did good in deciding to step away at least for a little bit.

The cliques are in full swing at the gala. Mama Elsa is getting down on the dance floor, tossing her hair and it’s absolutely hysterical! They all need to thank her for Andy Cohen giving this series a second chance at life.

Karent is throwing herself all over this big shot real estate mogul, Thomas Kramer, I’m assuming to make her social status in Miami society known. Adriana is irritated that Karent is forcing her friendship with Thomas and labels her a “wannabe”. Alexia is bothered that Karent is so loud and attention whorish. Lea is annoyed that Karent jumps into every conversation uninvited. Karent invites the ladies to a party at Thomas’s and Marysol is annoyed because she has known Thomas for years, and here Karent is choosing who can come and who can’t come to Thomas’s place. It’s not looking too good for Karent with this group of ladies.

The next day over at the House Built by Boobs, Lisa and Daysy are bathing their pups. This dog is bathing in a marble tub and it’s making me envious. Can I be the Hochstein’s pet? I am serious – they live the good life!

At the Fountain Bleu hotel, Lea and Adriana meet up with Joanna to have a food and wine tasting for the catering at Lea’s gala. They are seated in a banquet room and sip on champagne. Joanna brings up Marysol and Lea’s issue which at this point is just hearsay. Lea says that if it escalates she’s going to have to say something to Marysol, who she claims dropped the ball when Marysol handled the the gala last year.

The “beaten to the tweet” issue between Adriana and Karent from last episode comes up and Joanna tries to hear Adriana’s side of the story. Adriana goes into attack mode and lists all of Karent’s cries for attention and all the faults she sees in her. Adriana says she will confront Karent because since she brought her into this group of girls, Karent’s lack of social skills will reflect on her.

Ana and Alexia are planning Venue Magazine’s cover party. These ladies sure do live the social scene in Miami! They do some more complaining about Karent who is now using the stylist that Alexia uses. Joanna is a loyal friend and calls Karent and in a cliché reality TV speakerphone call. Joanna warns Karent that Adriana is fed up with her and that she might go off on her soon. Karent claims that she’s a doctor and will educate Adriana if she wants to talk.

The episode ends, and the showdown between Karent and Adriana will come next week at Alexia’s Venue Magazine party! Also, Joanna discovers something about Romain that will leave her feeling very discouraged about their relationship. The season has been gradually climbing and the good stuff is finally on the horizon! What did you think of the new episode? Do you think Karent is truly annoying or are the ladies just misunderstanding her?

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