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PHOTOS: Joe Giudice Allegedly Cheated In Atlantic City According To Eyewitness!

The cheating allegations keep coming in for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice! His wife Teresa has just confirmed that Joe does not cheat in an exclusive interview with AllAboutTRH, but now an eyewitness is claiming she has proof Joe cheated.

According to Radar Online, a woman named Rosie Jones from Georgia was vacationing in Atlantic City, NJ on September 23, 2012 when she saw Joe Giudice gambling on the slot machines in the early morning hours. Teresa was out of town that day in Charlotte, NC for an appearance. According to the source, Rosie, Joe was seen getting close to a woman and he ended up getting into a cab with her to an unknown destination.

Rosie tells Radar Online, “I walked into Harrah’s bar around five in the morning and saw Joe Giudice conversing with a young girl. I know it wasn’t Teresa. She looked more like a working girl, although I can’t prove it. They walked out of the bar together to a more secluded area in the casino and played the slot machines for a bit.”

The source adds that the two got a little frisky and ended up going home together. “Joe’s friend came over and she sat on his lap and then Joe started rubbing her face and stroking her hair. Joe had his arm around the girl and as they walked off to grab a cab together I heard his friend say something like, ‘Life is great,'” explains the source.

The photos this source provided are below:

I am by no means a Joe Giudice fan. I think he makes amazing TV and he CRACKS me up, but I do think he should be less harsh with his words especially towards his family. Now here’s my take on this whole story: The girl is clearly one of the cocktail waitresses that go around asking gamblers if they want to have a beer. I find it really bizarre that even though this source had her camera phone snapping his every more, we are mysteriously missing the incriminatory pictures of the lady friend sitting on Joe’s lap. This could even be a Joe look-a-like for all we know. We also don’t have pictures of Joe stroking her hair and we have no picture evidence that this woman got in the cab with Joe. Although it looks like there might be someone in the back seat of this cab, to me it looks like Joe is shutting the door with no intention of getting in himself. How convenient that there aren’t photos of the juicy stuff, pun intended!

I know that there have been many stories about Joe cheating, but I think this may be an attempt at making him look guilty that falls very short. What are your thoughts? Do you think this eyewitness really has dirt on Joe or did she create a story out of nothing?

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