RHOM Recap: “Don’t Beat Me To The Tweet”


This week’s RHOM beings with Joanna and Romain talking over the drama that erupted at the Mynt anniversary party. Joanna went off on Romain in a screaming scene about Marta’s ex-boyfriend being the DJ at the club. Romain stormed off, clearly annoyed by Joanna’s antics. Romain is not very happy with Joanna and he thinks that she should have not been so drunk because he represents him, and he’s the owner of the club. I agree with Romain. Joanna shrugs it off and apologizes, but it seems that Romain is very fed up with her at this point.

Lisa is at her home with her husband Lenny and they are having a very real conversation about their fertility issues. Lisa has been trying to start a family with Lenny for a while now but she is having trouble staying pregnant, revealing that she has had three miscarriages. It’s sad to see Lisa in this light because a) her life seems so perfect and easy and b) she is always so bubbly and happy! It’s a touching scene and it reminds us that even the biggest of mansions and most designer-filled closet can’t take away some of life’s other serious problems.

Adriana is posing for pictures to be displayed at an art exhibit in Miami. The photographers request to do a topless shot and Adriana is seen questioning it and trying to act shy about it! I thought it was absolutely ridiculous and out of character for her. This is the engaged woman who was very suggestively flirting with Joanna’s boyfriend at the club last week. What’s a little topless photo compared to that? Either way, Adriana drops her top and her fiance Fredric is thrilled, snapping pictures of his own.

The photo is displayed at the exhibit and Lea arrives to see the big reveal, along with Karent, who Adriana has said before is a friend of hers. Lea makes snarky comments as she has been doing all season, and Karent tries to gravitate some of the attention towards herself by asking the photographer if she could do her own shoot. A very huge artist that Adriana admires arrives and she asks to take a picture with him. Karent then asks for a picture with him as well, even though art is Adriana’s thing and she is a huge fan of this artist.

Karent tweets the photo of herself with the artist and Adriana goes ballistic. “Don’t beat me to the tweet!” said a clearly irritated Adriana. That just sounds like the name of a dumb Housewives pop song. Did you know Adriana sings the RHOM theme song? I don’t think my guesses are too off and we’ll probably get that song soon. God spare us.

Adriana shares Tweetgate with Lisa, Lea, and Ana at another exhibit. Lea and Elaine (out of drag) start to bash Marysol and her event planning business. Ana and Alexia, being Marysol’s good friends, defend her like a good friend should. It’s nice to see this for a change in a Housewives series.

Lisa goes to dinner with Joanna and Karent and she shares the Tweetgate drama. Lisa tells Karent that because of that, the other girls (Adriana and Lea) may not be very fond of her. Karent shrugs it off and it becomes clear right here that a new clique has formed with Joanna, Lisa, and Karent. Karent will clearly be the oddball out this season and will be the one they gang up on.

Joanna receives a phone call that Romain was seen kissing some dancers downstairs at Mynt. She is obviously upset at the cheating allegations and given their rocky situation, she confronts Romain. Romain laughs and denies the cheating. Joanna is still unsure of his fidelity, and threatens to break up if they are true.

Joanna has been preparing for a dance performance at Winterfest, a huge gay pride event in Miami Beach. At the rehearsals, Marta is seen poking fun at Joanna who is struggling with some of the moves. On the day of the actual event, Joanna aces her performance and all the ladies are in attendance. While Joanna is backstage, Marta shares the cheating rumors with the other ladies. While Marta seems very protective of Joanna, I think she did this to put Romain in a bad light because of her own problems with him, and I don’t think it helped matters.

Next week, the ladies form cliques and the drama seems to be sizzling to the next level! What did you think of this week’s episode?

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