RHONJ Recap: Everyone VS Teresa Giudice At The Reunion!


I don’t know about you but I have a headache after watching part 1 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion! It’s disgusting to watch a group of grown women act so childish and not realize the bigger picture. They are healthy, living life and all they are worried about is taking each other down!

The reunion begins and Jacqueline is asked a few questions. Immediately Caroline Manzo responds for her and doesn’t allow Jacqueline to speak. Caroline was literally answering the question while Jacqueline was speaking. I don’t get and will never understand why Caroline feels the need to speak for Jac. She’s a big girl, Caroline! She got it!

Gia’s birthday gets brought up shortly after. Melissa talks about how she went to the birthday and how Antonia was so excited. Jacqueline then tells Melissa to tell Andy what happened later on at the birthday. Melissa then reveals Teresa grabbed her arm. Jacqueline says she knew about that because an unnamed friend told her. Is it me or is Jacqueline way to caught up in Teresa’s life? Enough! Worry about your own life. It’s clear no one saw Teresa “grab” Melissa’s arm and instead Melissa told Jacqueline that’s what happened. Is anything ever a secret when it comes to Melissa? She literally exposes any family drama and loves every minute of it because it isn’t her immediate family.

Jac Laurita later goes on and on about how Teresa has wanted to destroy Kathy and Melissa’s reputation since day 1 of them being on the show. Teresa defended herself by asking why Jacqueline would say in her blog last season that Teresa has never spoke about Melissa or Kathy. It’s obvious that since Jacqueline isn’t friends with Teresa anymore, she will do anything to destroy her. Jac is just to invested in Teresa’s life and it’s getting to be pathetic. She needs to worry about herself and stop gossiping with these “unnamed” friends.

Andy Cohen didn’t really annoy me at all and was being cordial with all the ladies. He even called out Jacqueline for having a twitter problem. It was irritating to watch Caroline and Jacqueline act like their sleeping when Andy would ask Teresa questions. These are adults acting like little children! It’s quite sickening to watch.

My heart was literally breaking when they showed footage of Jacqueline’s son and spoke about his autism. It was very emotional and I can’t imagine how it is to go through that. While they were talking about it, Teresa made a comment that Nicolas and Audriana broke up and used to date. Teresa was trying to make light of the situation when Caroline attacked her for making it about her. I thought it was so rude because I truly didn’t think Teresa did anything wrong at that moment. Kathy followed Caroline’s foot steps and told Teresa to also stop making everything about her. What was Kathy’s deal anyways? Teresa and Kathy weren’t even in a fight and Kathy was all over Teresa in this reunion!

After watching the reunion, I’m convinced Caroline is so bitter and horribly rude. She can’t control her behavior and it’s something she truly needs to work on.

During the reunion, Melissa calls out Teresa for constantly calling the girls a c*nt but continues to call Teresa a bit*h and crazy. While watching the reunion I came to the conclusion that everyone called each other (minus Teresa) and said to one another that they’d have each others back and attack Teresa with anything that she said.

Now let’s talk Kathy VS Teresa: Still don’t understand why Kathy was going so hard on Teresa when nothing happened between them. For someone who “knows” respect and is “old school” I thought it was disgusting of Kathy to call Melissa’s mother a liar and Teresa’s father a coward. I thought it was even more disgusting that Melissa thought nothing of it and those are her in laws! Teresa then decides to talk about Kathy’s father who has passed away. Kathy says Teresa has no right to talk about Kathy’s father which confused me since Kathy just got done bashing Teresa’s parents. Regardless the parents shouldn’t have even been brought up but I did see a side of Kathy that I didn’t think I would have saw…Rosie swearing and threatening Teresa in the background was just sad. Again these people need to act their age.

What bothered me on the episode: Jacqueline swearing on her son and pointing out she’s swearing on her autistic son. He’s not a label. And it was just unnecessary.

This episode stressed me out that I didn’t even want to write a recap so I’m aware that it isn’t the best recap but I’m just over watching the same stuff go down! Now tell me..what were your thoughts on part 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion?!

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