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RHOM Recap: A Mynt Meltdown

Last week on The Real Housewives of Miami, Karent and Ana had a minor confrontation and it was revealed that Karent’s soap opera boyfriend, Rodolfo, had been flirting via text message and Facebook with Ana. Joana also gave an ultimatum to her boyfriend Romain – the two are at a weird crossroads, don’t have sex too often, have been engaged for five years and have been postponing their wedding since, so Joanna told him it’s either marriage or she’s out!

This week’s episode begins with Marta, Joanna’s sister, telling Joanna that she has taken Lisa’s offer to move into her house temporarily because of the friction between herself and Romain. Joanna says that moving out is not the answer and that Romain just has a lot on his mind right now, including work and his American citizenship coming up. Joanna gushes about Romain’s success with Mynt, which has been around for 10 years, and she tells us that for a club to last that long in Miami is like “winning the lottery”. The Ferrari they are cruising in after the citizenship ceremony is a nice contrast to the story she is telling of how they are similar in that they both came from nothing, and have achieved all this success since coming to America.

Karent is skyping with Rodolfo who is abroad on business. She lets him know of her confrontation with Ana regarding the rumors that their relationship is “make believe”. Rodolfo tells Karent that she needs to stand up for herself by ignoring these comments and be confi0dent in their relationship. Makes no sense. Or is it just me? Anyway.

Lisa is lounging by the pool – because she doesn’t have a job, as she told us last week – and Daysy (her BFF/housekeeper) brings her a drink. Joanna hits up Lisa on one of those reality TV speakerphone calls and she invites her to Mynt’s (Romain’s Miami lounge) 10 year anniversary party. Lisa tells her that she will host a sushi pre-party at her house for all the girls and Joanna agrees that it’s a great idea. I’m so sure she came up with that idea spontaneously while she was on the phone and had nothing to do with production…!

Lea is hanging out with her housekeeper Freda who is making her do her hair. This is a pretty hilarious scene, because Lea appears to be the servant to Freda in a weird twist! She is basically a glorified housekeeper who has gotten her own not one, but two housekeepers, room, amenities, gets driven around, etc. Where do I apply to “work” for Lea?!

Lea hosts a meeting with the volunteers for her annual charity gala, which is one of the biggest events in Miami society. Lisa expresses that she is going to make an effort with Lea despite the rocky start to their relationship so far. During this meeting we are introduced to Elaine, Lea’s drag queen friend, who will make frequent appearances throughout the season. Right off the bat, Elaine brings up the drama from last year’s gala in which Marysol did not let Elaine walk the red carpet and I can just tell that this Elaine Lancaster will definitely be the pot stirrer side character.

It’s finally the night of the Mynt anniversary party and Joanna and Marta are over at Lisa’s – the House Built by Boobs – for sushi and a little pre-gaming. Lisa is dressed to the nines, surgically altered nipples poking through her bandage dress and all. The ladies start to get into the Marta vs. Romain issue and Joanna is clearly in the middle of her sister and boyfriend’s drama. Marta accuses Joanna of not defending her, ever, when Romain says mean things to her such as calling her “fat”.

Adriana and Karent arrive at Lisa’s. I have to say that this cast is definitely the sexiest from all the Real Housewives series! Joanna brings up Elsa and the ladies go into a discussion about her. Joanna says she looks “scary” and Lisa even says her plastic surgery is simply not good. They totally express my feelings about Mama Elsa – awful, scary plastic surgery gone bad but you just want to be her friend and hang out with her.

Lisa, Adriana, Karent, Marta, and Joanna arrive at Mynt followed by Marysol and Ana. Lea arrives with Elaine and they’re clearly the oddballs out – the older lady and the towering drag queen. Lisa brings up this point and says “shoot me if I’m at the club when I’m 40.” The ladies bring up the gala, and Marysol says she chose not to do Lea’s gala red carpet. Lea tells us that she did not choose not to do it, but was just not asked to work the event again. Elaine is called over into the conversation by Joanna who is egging on the drama and stirring the pot! At least she admitted to being a pot stirrer when drinking. Marysol gets into it with Elaine about having been denied onto the red carpet a last year’s gala. Something tells me this is not the end of this!

The girls are dancing and Marta’s ex-boyfriend is spotted DJing at the club. This guy broke Marta’s heart after cheating on her and leaving her for the new girl. Back at the table, Adriana (a brunette) starts flirting hardcore with Romain and tells him that he needs to try a brunette since he’s so used to blondes (meaning Joanna). Mind you, Adriana is still engaged to Frederic, who is not present at the party! They weren’t joking when they started dubbing this show a “reality telenovela”.

A drunk Joanna comes up to the table and is in tears screaming at Romain that Marta’s ex be kicked out. She is causing a scene and clearly ruining Romain’s big night. Karent talks Joanna down and tells her that Marta needs to fight her own battles. Joanna gets into a screaming match with Marta in front of everyone. Marta is pissed off that Joanna created this mess and rightfully so, in my opinion. Romain is still upset and Joanna is mad at him for being pissed off, but she thinks she is in the right because she is sticking up for her sister. Romain storms off and leaves his own event, visibly upset at Joanna.

Next week the ladies continue to take Miami and there are more revelations about the ladies’ personal lives with significant others! Are you engaged in these women yet? What do you think of Joanna’s erratic drunk behavior?

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