RHONY Recap: Don’t Make Room For Daddy


This week’s RHONY picks up with some drama after a fairly mellow
episode last week. Since the St. Barths vacation from hell, the ladies
have had a bad taste in their mouth regarding Aviva and her diva,
outlandish, maybe anxiety-related antics, maybe not. Although she is
still friends with Heather, Carole, and Luann, even they are starting
to get over her and her whiny ways. It’s with Sonja and Ramona that
Aviva has had some serious drama with and Aviva’s rage is back in full
force and she is unleashing, yet again, on Ramona! Not only is Aviva
lashing out once again, but she is getting her creepy dad George
involved in the drama. Let’s see what happened last night.

Ramona has contacted Aviva’s ex-husband Harry to get a little dirt on
Aviva and find out why she is the way she is. Ramona wants to get to
the bottom of things and find out if Aviva really does have serious
anxiety problems or if she just can’t be away from her husband Reid.
Aviva hears of Ramona contacting her ex-husband and she wants to clear
the air as to why, so of course they get together for…you guessed
it, a lunch date.

Ramona meets Aviva and the two start discussing. Ramona starts to
accuse Aviva of not being able to live without Reid, and the
conversation starts to become a full on fight about the St. Barths
drama. Can we let that go already?! Aviva quickly loses her cool (you
shocked?) and begins to drag Sonja into her argument. She says that
Ramona is enabling Sonja’s “downward spiral” and that she loves
latching onto Sonja because it makes her seem more normal because
Ramona has an alcoholic problem.

This is where Aviva makes herself look really bad! Sure, Ramona should
not have called Aviva’s ex-husband and she is definitely NOT a saint
in all this, but Aviva needs to control her emotions and not act like
a lunatic when confronting Ramona! Another point, Aviva really needs
to leave Sonja out of this. Even though Sonja and Ramona are attached
at the hip, they are still individuals and Sonja has not really done
anything to Aviva for her to constantly bash her.

Ramona storms off and then we see Aviva meet with her father who is
seriously, such a despicable sight to see. A senior citizen with a sex
addiction and it’s just plain GROSS. He is talking about sex, of
course, and throws in an incest joke which makes me want to vomit. Why
is this man on my TV? Aviva and him discuss what has been happening
with Ramona and George goes to Ramona’s charity for domestic violence
against women. Ramona had invited Aviva before their dramatic lunch
from earlier, but Aviva decided not to go and sent her dad on her
behalf instead.

Things get heated up at the charity event when George goes up to
Ramona and demands that she apologize to his daughter for all she has
done to her. Ramona is not hearing it and is standing her ground in
true Ramona fashion. George continues to try to get his point across
and makes the huge mistake of yanking Ramona’s arm to get through to
her. This is where all hell broke loose and Ramona’s eyes widen (as if
they couldn’t anymore) and she is livid. She demands that George leave
and take the check he had brought as a donation with him.

The other ladies, Carole, Heather, and Luann agree that George should
be taken away and should not have been there fighting his daughter
Aviva’s battles for her. Carole escorts George out of the event and he
calls Ramona a “trailer turd” for having sent him out of the charity
event, which was for domestic violence against women and he grabbed
her by the arm. Clearly, the apple doesn’t fall from the tree here! It
was a mess.

In non-Aviva vs. Ramona news, Sonja had her meeting with her ex-hubby
regarding their pending divorce settlement. It didn’t go as well as
Sonja had planned and she is very upset by the outcome. It turns out
that Sonja is in a personal bankruptcy and is millions in debt, so she
really needed this settlement to happen. When her husband did not
cooperate, Sonja had his photo taken down from her house and said that
she was ready to sue him! I feel for Sonja because she is clearly in a
bad place, financially, but it makes me wonder if she has done
anything about it on her own or if she is just relying on this

Next week is the season finale and then reunion time! Things are
really heated between Aviva and Ramona right now. Whose side are you
on? Do you think George was out of line for even appearing, let alone
putting his hands on Ramona at a charity event?

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